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Product Highlight: Inked Gaming Custom Playmats

Throughout our history, Inked Gaming has been committed to providing our customers with as much creative freedom as possible. Specifically, when it comes to personalizing custom gear. In fact, we were built on the idea of giving our fellow gamers an easy way to customize goods using unique designs/patterns that only ever existed in their imaginations. 

Back in the day, our CEO wanted to customize his own playmat for MTG, but wasn’t impressed with some of the options that were available at that time. So, he decided to do something about it. 10 years later, Inked Gaming is still giving gamers the opportunity to express themselves like no other. Sure, we have a massive amount of amazing predesigned mats in our collection too, but let's be honest, nothing beats a personalized playmat that features a custom art of your very own. 

There’s just something about bringing a blank mat (or canvas if you will) to life with a unique, one-of-a-kind design that sets you apart from all the other players at the table. This began with our standard-size playmats being made in the CEO’s garage. It’s now expanded to the other mats that we have available today, which are produced out of a full warehouse in Corvallis, OR, some of which are big enough to cover entire tabletops and surfaces. 

Here are the current custom playmat sizes that we offer:

  • Little (16” x 10”)
  • Board Game (20” x 20”)
  • Standard (24” x 14”)
  • Sports Card Break (24” x 14”)
  • Oversize (28” x 24”)
  • Two-Player (24” x 28”)
  • Wargaming (36” x 36”)
  • Wargaming (48” x 48”)

  • Every size has a purpose and is meant to enhance your game in terms of look, feel, and style. Anyone who has been shopping with us over the years knows that we take great pride in the construction of all our mats, which starts with the premium materials and rounds out with the unique printing process that we use to give them the vibrant look that they deserve. 

    Actually, some of you may even recall a blog that we posted back in 2020 that detailed the entire process of bringing your custom playmat to life from start to finish. You can read through that step-by-step How-To blog by clicking HERE. You can even watch this video for a quick visual breakdown of the process that takes place behind the scenes.

    In addition to letting you create these personalized playmats with your own design, it’s also worth noting that we offer several upgrades to go with it as well. One of the most helpful upgrades that we offer for ALL these mats is the Editing and Preview option, which allows you to follow the process yourself and edit the design according to your specifications. That means you will have open access to certain editing techniques, such as sizing and color correction. This upgrade is well worth it if you want to make sure that the finished product is perfect and looks just the way you imagined it.

    Stitched edging and playzones are the other optional upgrades that are available for some of our custom playmats as well. The stitched edging keeps harmful fray at bay, while the playzones are meant to keep your favorite game neat and organized, which can be especially helpful to those who may just be starting their MTG, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokémon, Flesh and Blood, Dice Masters, Final Fantasy, DBS, Digimon, or Varia journey. Varia is the newest playzone option that we offer, so you can expect a more detailed blog on that soon. 

    Bottom line, we want you to be as creative and unique as you can be with our custom TCG, board game, and wargaming playmats. Again, they are like your blank canvas just waiting to be painted on. With that said, we would also like to remind you that while we’re all about creative expression, we also have some boundaries when it comes to custom designs. So, be sure to stick to our terms and conditions while designing your custom playmat. Other than that, feel free to use your personal brand logo, favorite photos, dreams, and imagination as your inspiration!


    Team Inked


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