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What is our Dice Masters Card Zone upgrade?

Hey, everyone! I’m glad to have you join me once again for the next installment in our Play Zone upgrade series. So far, we’ve covered 3 of our 6 Play Zone upgrade options (Yu-Gi-Oh!, Pokemon and MTG) and today we’ll be covering #4, which is Dice Masters!

Now, full transparency, I’ve never played Dice Masters before, so I had to dig in and get little help from one of the coolest gaming aficionados I know. How cool? Well, he’s so cool that when he goes to sleep, sheep count him. Of course, I’m talking about the one and only...Sherpa Jim!

Thanks to Jim, I was able to find out more about Dice Masters and just how popular it’s become for players who love Marvel, DC, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and even WWE! So, if you enjoy collectible dice games based on superheroes and other strong characters, then Dice Masters is the game for you. And if you wish to give your game a more organized enhanced feel, I suggest that you order a playmat that comes printed with our Dice Masters Zones.

Our Dice Masters Zone upgrade features 5 distinct Zones, or Play Areas as they’re called, which includes:

  • Attack Zone
  • Field Zone
  • Reserve Pool Zone
  • Used Pile Zone
  • Prep Area Zone (there’s also a KO! indicator in this area)

You’ll notice that our mats have 8 Character Card spots (4 on each side) and 2 Basic Action Card spots (1 on each side) as well. All cards (both Character and Action) come with corresponding dice. These spots are simply for placing and organizing your Character and Action cards during gameplay.

It’s also worth noting that there is a life indicator at the very bottom of each board, which keeps track of your health during play. The object of the game is to get your opponent down to zero health in order to win the game! I only wanted to highlight these spots and areas since they aren’t really considered ‘Zones’ or ‘Play Areas’.

So, let’s dive into the key Zones/Play Areas on our mats. We’ll start with the Reserve Pool. This is simply the Zone where you keep any dice that have yet to be used. If there are dice in the Reserve Pool that have been used from a previous turn, you will move them to the Zone directly to the left of it, which is the Used Pile. 

The Used Pile is the Zone where dice you’ve purchased or previously used sit and wait to be drawn/used again. The act of moving dice from the Reserve Pool to the Used Pile is known as the Clear and Draw Step. To the right of the Reserve Pool, there is the Prep Area. This is simply a Zone where all of your characters go after they’ve been ‘knocked out’. And that’s why there is a KO! indicator in this Zone, as I pointed out earlier. 

Not all mats/boards have the KO! symbol in the Prep Area, but our mats do. You can think of it as a simple reminder that any characters placed in this Zone have been knocked out. In between the Prep Area and Used Pile, and directly above the Reserve Pool, you’ll find the Field Zone. The Field Zone is where you ‘field’ your characters into play. Here, they readily stand by and await your orders to attack or defend according to your strategy/commands.

Directly above the Field Zone, there is the Attack Zone. Any character(s) from the Field Zone that you have declared as attackers or defenders will be placed in the Attack Zone. Just be ready for your opponent to place their blockers in this Zone as well. This is how characters get KO’d and sent to the Prep Area we talked about before. Any dice/characters that are not KO’d during the conflict are sent back to the Field Zone where they wait to be used in another attack or a chance to defend. This is known as the Clean up Step.

As I’ve mentioned in our previous posts, Zones, in general, are a great option to have as an upgrade because they not keep your game organized but can be helpful for players who have never played the game before. Zones can be ideal for those who haven’t played in a long while as well.

So, we’ve covered 4 out of our 6 Play Zone upgrades. We have 2 left. Are you down? If so, be sure to keep an eye on our blog page over the next few weeks, that way you don’t miss anything!

Until we meet again,

Vince the Prince

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