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Unleash the Magic of Frank Frazetta with New Playmat Designs!

We are always excited when we can add some new designs from an iconic fantasy illustrator. Step into the fantastical worlds of legendary artist Frank Frazetta with stunning new trading card playmat, mouse pad, & other gaming accessory designs!

Prepare to immerse yourself in the eerie allure of "Creatures of the Night," featuring iconic characters like Frankenstein and Dracula, brought to life with Frazetta's unparalleled artistry. For sci-fi enthusiasts, the "Frogs on the Moon" playmat, showcasing the captivating cover artwork from Doubleday's Science Fiction Book Club, transports you to an otherworldly adventure.

Elevate your gameplay experience with these exquisite, high-quality playmats that combine Frazetta's timeless imagination with unmatched practicality. Don't miss out on owning a piece of art history—perfect for collectors and gamers alike!

Happy Gaming!


The Inked Team

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