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Inked Gaming’s Newest Spring Artist Additions

Spring has fully sprung up and so have a ton of great new artists for Inked Gaming! The excitement is buzzing at Inked Gaming as we unveil the latest masterpieces crafted by some of the most brilliant artists. The past few weeks has showered us with a delightful collection of new pieces, some of which were created by a couple of new designers who just recently joined the community. 

Trust us, as you explore the stunning arts and get acquainted with the ingenious artists behind them, you're bound to discover the perfect addition to your gaming haven. From playmats to XXL mousepads, dice bags, and beyond, our latest creations promise to inject a unique vibe into your gaming realm!

Let's dive into the awesomeness that awaits – behold the latest wonders that have just graced our collection!



Beaverlicious is a young design studio hailing from Germany. A team of two innovative minds and one charismatic cat, they specialize in crafting Pocket Cardgames that pack a punch of fun for all. Beaverlicious' designs are cute, fun, and obviously look great on a playmat!



Ozminkowski, AKA Steve Ozminkowski is a professional karate instructor/ self-taught artist from New York that originally used art as a form of meditation. Steve has worked in inks, spray paints, colored pencil, carpentry: both fine and general, on miniatures (game pieces, and most recently in acrylic paints on canvas. Steve's designs on Inked feature incredible fantasy landspaces that are a perfect fit for playmats!


Aaron Perry

Aaron Perry, creator of The Dreamscape Series, a fantasy series featuring his original characters and story as told through acrylic painting. His designs are bold, colorful, and would standout at any game table!

That is just a small taste of all the incredible new art and artists Inked Gaming has gotten recently! Be sure to check out our latest playmat arts & artist additions here, and keep up on the latest and greatest!


Happy Gaming!


The Inked Team

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