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What is Our Yugioh Card Zone Upgrade?

Recently, we’ve been receiving many inquiries regarding the types of card Zones we offer. So, we thought we would take this opportunity to highlight one of the zone upgrades that can be added to our playmats. In this post, we’re going to give you a closer look at our Yugioh Game Mat Zones.

For those of you who are new to zones or the Yugioh playmat realm: Where the heck have you been?!!! (Just kidding! We need a refresher ourselves every now and then.) A Zone is a specific space for cards on a playmat. In this case, our Yugioh Zones hold up to 16 spots on the mat.

 The 16 Zones that make up our Yugioh Game Mat, include:

  • 5 Main Monster Zones.
  • 5 Spell & Trap Zones (2 of which are Pendulum Zones)
  • 1 Field Zone.
  • 1 Graveyard Zone.
  • 1 Extra Deck Zone.
  • 1 Deck Zone.
  • 2 Extra Monster Zones.

Let’s break this down one Zone at a time.

Yugioh Card Zone Upgrade

The five Main Monster Zones are placed along the top row of the mat. Directly beneath the Main Monster Card Zones (and technically at the bottom of the mat) are five Spell & Trap Zones. As you may have guessed, these Zones are where your Spell & Trap Cards are placed and played. 

Out of the five Zones that make up the Spell & Trap, two are known as Pendulum Zones. Each is placed on opposite ends (to the right and to the left) of the Spell & Trap Zones. The Pendulum Zone on the far left shows a Pendulum Scale jewel in blue (pointing left). The right Pendulum Zone shows a  Pendulum Scale jewel in red (pointing right). 

Still with me? Good.

The Zone next to the blue Pendulum Zone (on the far left) is the Extra Deck Zone. Would you care to guess what this Zone is intended for? (Cue the Jeopardy theme!) The cards in your Extra Deck are placed face-down in this Zone and can be looked through at any point during play. Next to the red Pendulum Zone (on the far right) is the Deck Zone. This is where your main deck goes. Different from the Extra Deck Zone, you’re not allowed to look through the cards in your own Main Deck during the game.

The Zone placed at the top left corner of the playmat (next to the Main Monster Zone) is known as the Field Zone. This zone is meant to hold (and play) your Field Spell Cards. The Graveyard Zone (GY) can be found at the top right corner of the mat. This Zone serves as your discard pile for destroyed Monster Cards and spent Spell & Trap Cards.

Finally, positioned at the top of the mat are the two Extra Monster Zones. It’s in these Zones where Monsters from the Extra Deck Zone can be placed and played. However, you can only use one Extra Monster Zone at a time.

So, why would you want a mat with Yugioh Zones anyway? Well, besides being ideal for the Yugioh enthusiasts among you, Zones are great for teaching players that may be new to the game. They can even be helpful to old players looking to return to the realm after a long hiatus. These Zones can help shake the rust off.

That pretty much covers the basics of the Yugioh zones that can be added to our playmats. 

Stay tuned for more Zone upgrade posts and analysis in the coming weeks!

Until we meet again,
Vince the Prince

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  • Mason

The zones should all be moved down so extra monster zone slots are not running of the mat.

  • John Doe

Really cool, but it’d be really nice to also include the option to print outlines for the defence position monster zones as well!