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What is our DBS card zone upgrade?

Well, it looks like we finally reached the end! This is my eighth installment in the Card Zone Upgrade series, as I call it, making it the last in the series...or so I thought. It turns out that we recently added another zone option to our playmat upgrade list. I don’t want to reveal what it is just yet, because I would rather focus on the business at hand, which is our DBS zone upgrade. I’ll give a little teaser of this latest upgrade later on. For now, let’s talk Dragon Ball Super (DBS).

My last blog detailed zones found on our Digimon mats. Just like before, this blog will highlight the zones that come with this upgrade and how they work during games. There are seven zones/areas featured on our DBS mats. Those areas are:

  • Leader Area
  • Battle Area
  • Combo Area
  • Energy Area
  • Life Area
  • Drop Area
  • Deck Area

  • *You may find a Unison Area on DBS mats as well, but our upgrade option excludes that zone. For reference, the Unison Area is where your Unison Cards are placed.

    We’ll start with the Leader Area, at the top of the mat, and work our way down.

    The Leader Area is in the upper left corner of the mat and is where players place their Leader Cards, not surprisingly. The Leader Cards remain in this area/zone face-up at the beginning of the game. Leader Cards are considered the core of your Deck, as they represent you throughout the course of the match. So, it’s only appropriate that this card/zone is at the top of the mat and remains visible at the start of the battle.

    Speaking of battle, directly to the right of the Leader Area is the Battle Area. This is the area where players put their Battle Cards, which are deemed essential to the battle/combat aspect of the game, as you can imagine. These cards feature a host of different characters from the DBS and do the fighting for you on the battlefield. Also, there are no limits on how many cards can be placed in this area at once.

    Below that, we have the Combo Area, which is convenient since any cards that are taken from your hand or the Battle Area can be placed here. Sending your cards into Combo allows you to combine strengths with your allies, which gives your characters more strength during combat. Once again, there are no limits on how many cards can be placed in this area. 

    Directly underneath Combo, you’ll find the Energy Area. This is simply where your Energy cards are located both face-up and/or up-side-down during battle. Cards that are placed in the Energy Area are immediately turned into Energy. Just like the previous two zones/areas above it, there is no limit on the number of cards that can be placed here at a given time.

    On either side of the Combo and Energy Areas, there are three more zones. One is on the left side and two are on the right side. We’ll start with the one on the left and move right. The zone/area on the left is known as the Life Area. This is where eight cards are placed face-down and remain so for the remainder of the game. That means you can’t look at or check them while the game is being played. These eight cards act as your life scale and the first player to be brought down to zero is defeated. 

    The right side of the mat is where you will find both the Drop Area and Deck Area. These zones/areas are pretty simple to grasp, as they are meant to keep your cards and game organized while you play. The Drop Area is where you put any cards that have been discarded/defeated during battle. Think of it as a graveyard zone from other TCGs. Then there is the Deck Area, which is simply the zone where you may keep your entire collection of cards (deck)face-down from start to finish.

    The word ‘finish’ actually fits in quite nicely there because those are all of the zones featured on our DBS playmats. Again, you can obtain these zones and have them printed on your chosen playmat by clicking the ‘Playzones’ option button on the standard playmat product listings. If you want to know more about DBS rules and how the game works, feel free to click here. You can refer to that website if you have any additional questions about the game or you can leave me a question in the comments section below if you want.

    Also, I mentioned earlier (and in previous posts) that this was supposed to be the final playmat zone upgrade blog, but fate has stepped in and extended the series by one. It turns out that we have another zone upgrade option available for Flesh and Blood. So, at least now we have another fun playmat zone upgrade blog to look forward to!

    Until we meet again,

    Vince The Prince 

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