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Face Mask vs. Face Shield

Face Mask vs Face Shield: Blog Post Tells All

If you’re a newcomer here, welcome to Inked! We’re an eCommerce company that got our start almost a decade ago selling in the tabletop gaming community. We’re a small, tight knit team that takes pride in what we do. 

A month or so ago, when the Covid-19 pandemic was really showing that it would become an issue, we immediately started planning for social isolation, working from home, and other preparations - including discussing the sale and donation of face masks!

We were approached by people working in the healthcare industry soon after that, and they were also asking us to make masks. Once we knew there was a need in the healthcare industry, we quickly got started and launched our campaign on that same day -  nineteen mask donations for every one sold! It was our goal to hopefully donate ten thousand face masks by the end of the campaign.

You can learn about that release here. 

Well, three and a half days later, we hit our goal of TEN THOUSAND donations. We didn’t want to stop there, but this model would have put us out of a business soon (we only had two seamstresses at the time, after all). So, we decide to keep selling masks and donate four for every one sold. 

You can read about that more here.

Now, we are rapidly closing in on twenty thousand mask donations and we have workers reaching out from all over the country, asking us for donations and inquiring about our services. This has turned into something larger than what Inked Gaming is, and we feel that this has changed the culture and the way we think about the world at Inked. It has been a joy to be able to help our customers and community at large. Thank you for your support! 

Which leads us to this question that we have received many times over the course of the last few weeks. Which option is better for me? The face mask or the face shield?

First off, let’s go over our traditional face mask. We will cover face shields after that, so you can make an informed decision on which one would work best for you and your family members! 


Face Mask

One size fits most!
Size: 7" from Nose to Chin
Material: 2 Layers of tight micro-weave fabric with 1/4" elastic ear loops. 
 Machine washable - wash after every use!
 Ties to keep the mask snug to your face.
 Was developed by using the blueprint that all medical facilities are asking for cloth masks to be made from.
 For every one sale, four masks will be donated to our local hospitals.
 Used by healthcare workers and people caring for high risk individuals.


      Face Shield
      One size fits most!
      Size: Approximately 10” x 20” when laying flat
      Material: 88% Polyester and 12% spandex micro fiber.
      Machine washable - wash after every use!
      Stays snug to your face with no ties or strings needed!
      Developed to give you a stylish feel while still helping protect others from Covid-19 exposure.
      For every one sale, four masks will be donated to our local hospitals.
      Similar to a “ski mask,” a great choice for a person who needs to take a trip to the store for groceries, or to make use of other essential services during the Covid-19 pandemic!


          Look for more updates from Team Inked about our ever evolving mask sales and features. We’re also discussing the idea of custom masks! Let us know in the comments if that is something you would be interested in!

          Stay safe, love each other, and let’s get through this.

          Mitch Gross

          Inked Gaming


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