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Face Masks and Face Shields now releasing on Inked Gaming

Face masks and face shields now available at Inked Gaming

Team Inked has been hard at work working in social isolation the last day coming up with these two new products, the Face Mask and Face Shield. We had discussed the prospect of potentially needing to make these for our healthcare workers about a week ago, and this morning it became a reality.

Once we were notified by some of our friends and family that are employed in the healthcare industry that this was needed, we got to work. Every single member of Team Inked came together to help develop and release two new products on the same day. An unbelievable feat for a team as small as ours. 

We will be supporting our hospitals by donating an additional 19 face masks for every 1 face mask or face shield sold on our site. 

Why Masks?

  • You can wear them when caring for a sick individual, or if you are sick yourself.
  • They are better than going without a mask. Healthcare agencies are reaching out to have these made across the country. There will be a shortage of medical masks. These will help fill that void and allow our workers to work safer.
  • When it comes to Covid-19, they are a great deterrents to touching your face. They can't fully protect from the virus particles, but they will protect your from touching your mouth and face unconsciously.
  • Face masks are super soft and double lined for extra warmth.
  • Staying on the theme of expressing yourself, we have released 15 initial designs. We will be able to have custom capabilities in the near future, as well.
  • Team Inked wanted to join in and help and we’re doing what we can to help others in this turbulent time. 

As stated on our product pages, these are for emergency use only. Here are some guidelines on the use of these face masks and face shields:

  • According to WHO and CDC recommendations, these DO NOT PREVENT THE SPREAD OF COMMUNICABLE DISEASES. 
  • This can be used as a last resort tool in our world’s fight to help stop the spread of Covid-19.
  • Machine Washable - It is recommended that you machine wash them after every use. 
  • Do not share masks.

We hope that this helps our community at large, while providing you some protection if you are caring for a sick individual or are sick yourself. Let’s all come together in a time like this. Let’s help each other and make the best of a very dire situation.

Updated 3/24/2020 at 8:39 A.M.: WE’VE HIT TEN THOUSAND MASK DONATIONS IN LESS THAN FOUR DAYS! Inked Gaming community, you outdid yourselves. We hit our goal and now we’re getting to work. 

To read on how we are continuing past our goal, check out the link here.


Team Inked

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