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We've Hit Ten Thousand Mask Donations!

We've Hit Ten Thousand Mask Donations!

We are AMAZED at the response from the Inked Gaming community. You have helped us hit TEN THOUSAND mask donations for local hospitals in the effort to fight Covid-19. To be honest, this was a stretch goal for us. We thought it might take us a month to break this number, and you all helped us do it in 4 days. We can't believe it. Thank you!

The impact of what you have helped us do reaches out way wider than the gaming community. You are helping the world. The need for masks are very apparent, as many healthcare workers have reached out to us both privately and publicly with their stories of working on the front lines. 

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We thank those workers and all the workers across the globe for their bravery. You are true heroes. We are so proud to say that the Inked Gaming community helped donate ten thousand masks in four days to help you in your work! Without a doubt, the greatest accomplishment we have seen our community achieve in almost a decade of business. 

After discussing this project among all of us last week, we did not anticipate this amount of support in this short amount of time. Ten thousand masks was our goal that we hoped to hit to end this campaign, but now that we've hit it so quickly we don't want to stop donations. We want to keep these donations going as long as possible to help the amazing healthcare workers still in need. But, we are a very small company. We only have 2 seamstresses and 12 employees in the whole company, most of which have been working from home for many days. Additionally, many companies are joining the battle to aid healthcare workers, and many of the necessary fabrics are being bought up at a very fast rate. Because of this, we will be changing our donation to FOUR masks donated for every ONE mask sold. This will start for any orders placed after 9:00am PST on March 24, 2020.

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This is a change that we do not take lightly, but now that we've met our initial goal of ten thousand masks we want to make sure we can keep a steady supply of donations going as long as we can. This is the only way we can realistically keep up with the production of masks while keeping our limited staff employed, safe, and making masks for as long as possible. 

We want to thank you for your continued support of healthcare workers all across the world. We will continue to do our part to make sure that we are helping our communities, while also practicing all CDC and WHO recommendations while we work to make all these masks! 


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