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Top 10 Face Mask Designs: Top Selling vs. Artist Rep Picks

With masks quickly becoming a part of our daily style and routine for going out, we thought we should take this opportunity to put together a listicle of some of our most popular face mask designs to date. After all, if you have to wear a mask, it may as well look awesome and feature something that makes you more than just another covered face in the crowd, you know?. But, I wanted to do more than just create a listicle that highlights our top-sellers, so I called in our trusty, talented artist rep. Hannah Dowell and asked if she could give me her top 10 favorite mask designs.

I have to admit, it was interesting to learn which designs she prefers vs. the designs that our customers have picked. In this post, you’ll be introduced to a wide variety of different arts and the artists behind them. Now, some of these designs and artists will probably look familiar. Heck, you may even notice a few from Hannah’s Featured Artist Interview blogs

So, let’s mask up and get started!

10. Argyle Cloth Face Mask

Flinxz’s Argyle pattern is featured on a multitude of products on our site. But it seems that our customers have chosen this particular design more for their face masks. Since it’s available in so many different colors, the Argyle face mask goes nicely with almost everything you wear. If you have an Argyle patterned shirt, sweater, or vest in your wardrobe, this is definitely the face mask for you!

Hannah’s Pick: Trench Face Cover 

This cleverly crafted face mask from artist Michael Lang certainly gets our gears turning, as it presents a cool, complex design that just looks awesome. Lang’s body of work features similar designs and mind-bending patterns that make you do a double-take. It’s possible that you’ve seen his Trench design on a few variations of our playmats, but let’s be honest, it looks even cooler as a face cover! 

9. Warrior Corgi Face Cover

If you’re a regular visitor or reader of our site, you should recognize this one. Colordrilos’ Warrior Corgi has always been a popular choice among our loyal customers. From playmats to dice bags to mousepads and even hoodies, it’s fair to say that this design has reached the height of its power. And as a face cover, you can now make Warrior Corgi a part of your regular style/wardrobe wherever you go.

Hannah’s Pick: Ornate Phoenix Face Cover

Guttulus’ Ornate Phoenix gives you a certain style and swag that will definitely stand out whenever you need to go out. Simply put, this design is a beautiful work of art that looks great on every surface. But there’s just something about how it presents as a face cover that allows us to see it’s true beauty and how it can add a touch of spice to every style!

8. Polyhedral Pattern Face Mask

If you have a thing for dice, you’ll definitely want to roll with this awesome-looking face mask every time you go out. Ironically enough, this Polyhedral Pattern was created by Hannah herself and has become one of our top-selling face mask patterns. Hannah’s unique vision and eye for detail have always been the key to her craft and that really comes through in this particular design. Dice lovers should get their hands on one of these face masks before they all roll away.

Hannah’s Pick: Ocean Dreams Face Cover

It would have been cool if Hannah picked one of her own designs for this spot as well, but even the most gifted artists tend to be modest. Instead, Hannah chose a design from another talented artist who consistently produces beautiful landscapes, colors and patterns. And that’s just what Jessica Torres’ Ocean Dreams design delivers.

7. Molten Scales Face Mask

Sue Ellen Brown’s Molten Scales face mask gives you the dragon-like skin you’ve always wanted. At first glance, it just looks like a generic black mask, but if you look at it closely, you can see that scaly, almost textured pattern that our customers have come to know and love. It’s one thing to have this design on a mousepad or playmat, but having it as your personal face mask is a whole different animal!

Hannah’s Pick: Wrapped Face Mask

Michael Lang makes Hannah’s top 10 list once again with his Wrapped face mask design. Just like his other designs, Wrapped presents an intriguing pattern that is sure to make you stand out in any crowd. Lang has a way of making even the most complex patterns wonderfully stimulating through his unique use of shadows, shades, and colors. And that’s why his Wrapped pattern has become a top-selling face mask design.

6. Sharks Face Mask

This Sharks pattern from Colordrilos has been swimming around our site for quite some time. Recently, it’s seen a significant uptick in popularity among our customers, especially in the face mask department. Unlike most generic shark arts and designs, Colordrilos’ Sharks present a fun, friendly pattern that is meant to express your own playful personality. 

Hannah’s Pick: Sharks Face Mask

Well, it was bound to happen eventually. It seems that Colordilos’ Shark design caught Hannah’s eye, too! Colordrilos’ art has a unique way of presenting us with cute animals and creatures that make every game and trip an absolute delight! And that’s why their designs are almost always a featured favorite on every list, even Hannah’s!

5. Shibas Face Mask

Two Colordrilos designs in a row! Do I sense a trend here? Colordrilos’ cute Shibas art face mask is perfect for the K-9 lovers among you and is sure to turn a few heads whenever you go out. I’m not a dog owner myself, but I can say that this particular design is like having the next best thing. So, next time you go for a walk, be sure to take these fluffy, funny puppies with you (no leash necessary)!

Hannah’s Pick: Deep Below The Surface Face Cover

Burtram Anton’s Deep Below The Surface design is a vivid work of art that delivers an energetic spark to whatever it’s printed on, especially when it’s used as a face cover. It’s just one of those patterns that each time you look at it you spot something new that you didn’t notice before. Between its clever use of colors and detail, this design is truly a wonder to behold!

4. Pixel Sakura Face Mask

This beautifully crafted design from Rakkou Art is sure to brighten your day and someone else’s as well. As with all of their designs, Rakkou has a knack for creating designs and patterns that seem to have a calming effect on all those who lay eyes on them. Their unique style is sure to give you a special style of your own when you choose to wear it as a face mask pattern.

Hannah’s Pick: Pixel Origami Face Cover

Same designer, but different art! Dang! We were so close to having another match, too! This is another cool, calming pattern from Rakkou Art. If you love origami, this is the face mask for you! Rakkou’s Pixel Origami features four colorfully crafted birds including flamingos, hummingbirds, doves, and swans!

3. Blue Nebula Face Mask

We recently highlighted this starry design in a previous top-selling post. Paul Terry’s extensive body of work is featured on a host of our different products and accessories. So, it’s easy to see why his Blue Nebula design has made its way onto more than one of our top-selling product listicles. Blue Nebula face mask presents a majestic, haunting pattern that allows your personality to glisten wherever you wear it.

Hannah’s Pick: Evening Sky Face Cover

Looks like Hannah picked an art with the same theme, but from a different artist for her #3 spot. Hannah continues to pull for Michael Lang with this pick, as she has chosen his Evening Sky face mask design. This wildly wondrous pattern gives every face cover a much-needed spark of energy, which is something we could all use right now.

2. Basic Color Face Mask

Our very own Basic Color face mask is as clean and plain as it gets. But that doesn’t mean they don’t look and feel great to wear. With a variety of different colors and safety features, this face mask puts quality above creativity. Although, the colors are vibrant and won’t fade after continuous use and washes. We like it and it appears that our customers do, too!

Hannah’s Pick: Phoenix Crimson Face Cover

Hannah has chosen to raise another Phoenix from the ashes with this marvelous design from Mythic Mats. The Phoenix Crimson face cover is beautifully crafted and features little details that really force you to take a closer at every line and swirl. Small details like these are what make a design really come together, which is what led Hannah to pick this one and put it so high on her list.


1. Corgis Face Mask

Coming in at the #1 spot is…..another group of cute K-9 buddies from the ever-so-talented Colordrilos!!! This marks the fourth face mask design from Colordrilos to make our top-seller list, now that’s saying something. Colordrilos’ Corgis pattern will go down as one of the most popular designs for products across our website. Be sure to mask up with this ‘corgeous’ design the next time you’re ‘corgially’ invited to a gathering!

Hannah’s Pick: Cat Food Face Cover

Hannah’s #1 pick sticks with the animal genre, but goes in the friendly feline direction with Samantha Moore’s Cat Food face cover pattern. Featuring cats that have been transformed into tasty foods, this design puts an adorable spin on culinary art as we know it.

Well, that concludes another top-selling product post. So, tell me, which face mask/cover design speaks to you? Also, what do you think of Hannah’s picks? Let me know in the comments below. Feel free to stop over and check out our website for more face masks/covers.

And don’t forget to check out more great designs from Colordrilos, Rakkou Art, Paul Terry, Michael Lang and our own Hannah Dowell. Our artists receive a commission on all products sold that feature their artwork!

Until we meet again!

Vince the Prince

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