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Tasty Treats: My top 5 favorite food playmat designs

If you’re looking for a playmat design that looks good enough to eat, or perhaps a placemat for pigging out during this holiday season, then I think you’ll like this tasty new listicle. Recently, I was gathering designs for another post (my Best in Show blog) and during my search, I came across quite a few food-inspired designs. 

I soon realized that we had a staggering amount of foody playmats ranging from hot dogs, to donuts, to tacos and even whole meals. Since I’m somewhat of a foodie myself, I was rather impressed by these kinds of designs and how they were able to stir up my appetite. That’s why I decided to put together yet another listicle of my top 5 favorite dishes (playmat designs) that feature fun foods and quirky tastes that can only come from the imagination of a gifted artist.

If you haven’t eaten already, you probably will very soon after you’ve seen these picks!

Let’s dig in!


If this tasty design doesn’t make you salivate, I don’t think anything else will. While I’m not too keen on the idea of eating a cute cat, you can’t deny that Samantha Moore’s Burger Cat design looks juicy, plump, and delicious. Like all burgers should be. It kind of looks like the burgers that you see advertised on TV. You know, the ones that look absolutely amazing and fail to measure up once you actually order them out. Well, let me be the first to say that Samantha’s Burger Cat certainly does not disappoint and what you see is what you get every time!



In the mood for something a bit more on the sweet side? Give Carbon Beaver’s Donut designs a try and I guarantee you’ll be satisfied! Aside from the fact that Beaver’s donuts look absolutely amazing, I also like the colors and various patterns they use in this design as well. It would have been so easy for them to just put a bunch of different colored sprinkled donuts in this design and call it a day. Instead, Beaver chose to tap into what donut lovers go nuts for, and that is an assortment of different styles, flavors, and glazes. I think that this close attention to detail is what makes Carbon Beaver’s Donut Design even sweeter!


If you have a pizza addiction, like me, then Diddynarcon’s Come Get a Piece design is for you! There’s nothing like a good slice of melted cheesy goodness, and it appears that no one knows that better than Diddynarcon, who obviously has a knack for making their designs both tasty and satisfying, metaphorically of course. Again, while we wish that some of our playmats were edible, it’s ill-advised that you try to take a bite out of one, no matter how mouth-watering it appears to be!



I only recently discovered my appreciation for sushi, and Rakkou Art’s Pixel Sushi design only reminds me of the reason why I finally decided to give it a try in the first place. There’s something just so tasteful, precise, and elegant about it, and that feeling really comes through in this particular design. While it took me some time to acquire a taste for sushi, it didn’t take me nearly as long to acquire a liking for this design, which is why I felt that I had to add it to this list. 



Mix a tasty snack with a dash of crude humor and you get this in your face Bite Me! design fresh out of the oven and imagination of Nathan Williams! While there were plenty of other sweet designs and patterns to choose from, I finally decided on this one simply because of how shocking it is. And I have to admit, chocolate chip cookies are a personal favorite. Imagine leaving the cookies and milk out for Santa on top of this playmat. Sure, you probably would have earned yourself a fresh lump of coal, but at least you would’ve gotten a good laugh out of it.

Which one is your favorite? If it’s not on my list, leave me the name of the design in the comments section below. Also, we have some more great content coming down the pipe very soon, so be sure to visit our blog page for more fun posts and listicles.

Until we meet again,

Vince the Prince

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