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Several of the Professor’s favorite products can be found in our collection

After visiting the Professor’s Kickstarter page for his new Academic 133+ XL deck box, which is still live, we decided to have a look through some of the videos/reviews that he's done for products and accessories over the past year or so. For anyone who doesn’t know, the Professor’s Tolarian Community College is the #1 MTG channel on YouTube, which features product review videos, gameplay tips, tricks and strategy, lore, online analysis, and how to play the WOTC’s most popular TCG. 

Many, ourselves included, consider the Professor to be a valuable resource and foremost authority on MTG and the products that have been made for it. So, you can imagine how we felt when we found several of the products that we carry in one of his videos. Actually, it’s a video that lists and reviews his personal favorite products. And here’s the best part, one particular product is an Inked Gaming original that features a design from one of the talented artists in our community. He even gives a nod to our custom option as well.

You can see and hear it all from the Professor himself in the video below:


Pretty cool, right? This actually isn’t the first time that the Professor has given our gear a plug in his videos, and we’re certain that it won’t be the last. So, let’s do an inventory on which products we have that the professor prefers for MTG.

We saw…

How’s that for a cool gathering of goods? We were so psyched when we saw how many products we have that the Professor swears by when it comes to gearing up for MTG. Of course, our favorite part had to be the playmat list, which we’re proud to be on.

We’re going to look for more videos to feature in this series, which shouldn’t be hard considering how many the Professor has on his channel. If you happen to find any that feature our goods, be sure to leave us the link in the comments below!


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