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Flesh and Blood's The Calling Event is coming back

After adding a Flesh and Blood playmat zone upgrade option to our site, we decided that it was best to keep an eye on some of the news, events, and updates surrounding the popular TCG...and we’re sure glad that we did because something big is coming soon. How big? Well, big enough that states all over the U.S. will be playing a part. Prepare for The Calling!

If you’re a dedicated FAB player and haven’t heard about this yet, we suggest you listen closely. The Calling is Flesh and Blood’s new three-day event, which will be coming to cities across the country. During those three days, players will be given access to a host of exclusive promos, gear, tours, tournaments, and even prize money.

To be clear, this is a live event that can be enjoyed in person (if you’re in the same city) or remotely via streaming apps. Although, from what we’re hearing, the actual event is something that ALL players have to experience first hand, at least once. It’s here that players from all over can come together and enjoy everything they love about FAB. That includes participating in the two-day tournament, which will award the winner $10,000 in prize money and more when it’s all over. Not bad, huh?

The Calling event will begin in Las Vegas on September 10th, where it will stay until September 12th. From there, the event will travel to three other cities, which have already been lined up for October - November. Those cities/schedules are as follows:

  • October 15th – 17th  The Calling Dallas Fort-Worth 
  • October 22nd – 24th The Calling Cincinnati 
  • November 5th – 7th The Calling/US Nationals Orlando

  • Flesh and Blood’s official website does a really great job of laying out all the particulars of each city/venue and we would like to give you the opportunity to read all about it for yourself...straight from the source. You can do so by clicking the link that we’ve left for you right HERE! You’ll even find more specific info about each individual event/city/venue there as well. 

    Be sure to leave us your thoughts on The Calling event in the comments below. If it’s scheduled to come to your town, let us know whether you plan to attend. Also, don’t forget to check out our Flesh and Blood zone upgrade blog before you bounce!


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