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Eternal Keeps Growing - Special Preview Card Inside!

These are some exciting times in the world of competitive gaming and as you know, Inked has been at the forefront of providing accessories to some of the best card gamers in the world.  We have supported Professional Magic the Gathering teams, semi-pro players, full-time Twitch streamers, giant Pokémon events, and a ton of charity events and community outreach projects.  We have a vision to dive even deeper into the gaming community and one of the most up and coming games that have caught our eye is the digital card game, Eternal, by Dire Wolf Digital.

Quick background – Eternal Is a digital card game that most people compare to Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone.  It “borrows” elements of both and some may say, even improve many of the elements.  Additionally, Dire Wolf has done a great job at innovating and coming up with new and fresh mechanics - or new, flavorful takes on old ones. If you come from a digital card game or paper card game background, there are many aspects of this game that will be familiar, but at the same time fresh enough to keep you coming back. 

Eternal is available in the app store as well as Steam as a free to play digital card game with a very good reward system.  We would guess that a higher percentage of Eternal players are “Free to Play” exclusively when comparing to other digital card games.

As some of you may have heard, we are currently a sponsor of Eternal’s largest tournament series, aptly named, “The Eternal Tournament Series.”  This is a third-party tournament run by – some of Eternal’s most influential innovators since the game’s release.

As a sponsor of their series, we are providing exclusive stitched edge gaming mouse pads to first and second place of every open tournament.  Additionally, we are providing Invitational top 8 mouse pads and Invitational first place hoodies four times a year!

We also just recently announced that our first affiliate in the new Inked Gaming Affiliate Program will be,  They are also some of the most innovative and creative community leaders in Eternal and we have been very happy to work with them.  We're sure they're going to represent us well.


Fast forward to the recent announcement by Dire Wolf Digital found here:

It looks like the future is bright for Eternal and we love that we could become involved with this beautiful game while in Beta.  They will be adding competitive play for cash as well as increased support and content for their audience. 

What does this mean for Inked? 

For one, we will continue to do our best supporting the Eternal community in whatever way we can so that the game and community grows, as we grow alongside it in the digital gaming world.  Second, we have been given our first exclusive spoiler by Direwolf Digital.  Without further ado, here it goes!


First off, as with most yeti, our new friend Crunch is adorable.  Eternal's art has always been something that we have admired here at Inked.  It's fun, quirky, unique, and something that works extremely well on their platform! 

Crunch, the Hoarder is a card with many layers to it - it has Overwhelm (which means that it deals damage "through" the opposing units, similar to trample in MTG except it can still overwhelm via Killer interactions).  It also has the Infiltrate mechanic, which means that if Crunch connects once with your opponent, Infiltrate is fulfilled and the effect triggers.  This means that Crunch now has Berserk, making him a little crazy and hungry for more trinkets! 

Once Crunch uses berserk he gains Reckless, and has to attack every turn.  But that's perfectly fine if you're playing Crunch in a deck full of yeti.  Yeti are all extremely good at helping each other as many yeti cards give huge buffs to other members of their tribe.  You could easily see Crunch become an adorable 4/4 or 5/5 Overwhelm in no time at all.  

Please let us know what you think of Crunchy!  He's already a fan favorite down here at the Inked warehouse (I mean, we already gave him a nickname).  Also, we want to thank everyone at Dire Wolf Digital for giving us an opportunity to showcase this spoiler.  We sincerely love this community and we hope this is the first of many times we get to do something like this. 


The Inked Gaming Team




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