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Inked Gaming to bring on up and coming digital CCG team as the first of many official affiliates!

If you’ve followed Inked Gaming’s evolution over the years, you know that we LOVE new, innovative ideas. Team Rankstar is a smaller Digital CCG team that focuses on Eternal, Hearthstone, and Elder Scrolls: Legends – they approached us recently asking to partner with us. Luckily, we are currently in the process of working on an “affiliate” program and Team Rankstar seemed like the perfect team to start this program with.

As we say in our mission statement, “Inked Gaming will symbolize free to be one’s true-self & support creative lifestyles.” We felt that it was in our best interest to support a team full of passionate gamers and streamers in hope that our support will eventually help them as individuals realize their own potential and reach their goals- as an organization and as people.

As Inked Gaming affiliates, they will be representing our brand and they are more than capable of taking on that responsibility. As with all our future affiliates, there will be steps that Team Rankstar will be able to take to potentially receive a full sponsorship from Inked Gaming- based on performance metrics in sales, visits, and overall representation of Inked Gaming as a whole.

Team Rankstar was started by a Pacific Northwest native, who many of us at Inked Gaming have recognized as a great community leader, passionate individual, and perfect person to work with.

We are excited to work with Rankstar on hashing out all the affiliate details and making this program as close to perfect as we can to be fully released to the public. Be sure to follow Team Rankstar on Twitter and check out their website, where they are always publishing high quality articles:

The Inked Gaming Team

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