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Custom Sleeves - Goodbye Old Friend

Hello friends,

We have a slightly sad announcement to make. Our Custom Sleeves will not be coming back in the new year. Unfortunately, our current production process does not lend itself well to the massive amount of orders we receive. This is something that we are hoping to find a solution to in the future but for right now we have chosen to focus our efforts on our other products more fully. If, and when, we find a cooler, faster, more productive way to produce our snazzy Custom Sleeves, you will be the first to know! Your support means the world to us and we truly do hate to disappoint any of our loyal customers.

Thank you for your understanding with this change. Coming to terms with our current production process and what we believe you deserve brought about a difficult decision; however, we hope you will be pleased with our continued efforts to bring high-quality products to you all.


Thomas Pool CEO


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