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Inked Gaming’s first Kickstarter is coming this July! (and we're bringing custom sleeves back!)

We weren’t kidding when we said we had a HUGE announcement to make in June! Today, I’m letting the entire Inked Gaming community know that CUSTOM SLEEVES ARE COMING BACK! Wow, that felt good! I’ve been waiting a long time to say that, and I just had to get it out fast and loud for everyone to hear. Okay, so we have the what, now let’s talk about the how!

This is an exciting time for the Inked Gaming community, as we are planning to bring some new products to our collection and welcome back the precious custom sleeves that have eluded us for years. Everything is in place and we’re getting ready to make our move, but we just need one big push to get us over the goal line. Enter Kickstarter!

Starting in July, we will be kicking off a Kickstarter campaign to help fund the final stages of the production machinery setup and finally bring these products to life. These products include art and CUSTOM SLEEVES (there I go again), Deck Boxes, and Playmat Tubes. As much as we all love custom, the artist-designed versions of these products will be awesome too, as they will feature work from some of our most popular artists. Those artists include David Lozeau, Michael Whelan, Frank Frazetta, Colordrilos, Clint Cearley, Ben Jackson, Kevin McKenna, Techranova, TigaTiga, and Mathew Sinderson.

We really wanted to focus on bringing custom sleeves back this year, so it’s great to have them on the radar and ready to finally make a return alongside the other cool products that our community has been requesting. But again, in order for us to make them a reality, we just need help firing up the machines. In other words, we need a Kick start.

The Kickstarter campaign will officially launch on July 1, 2023, with the hopes of helping us set up and finalize the last stage of production for these art and custom products. We estimate that we can begin fulfillment by Q2 2024, if we reach our funding goal. We don’t usually ask our community for this kind of support. In fact, this will be our first Kickstarter campaign ever, so this is all new to us. And we intend to make the most of it…together!

This may be our first Kickstarter, but with 11+ years of experience making you quality playmats and more, an amazing team, and your help, I’m certain that we will hit our goal and have these items produced and in your possession pretty soon. With that, I also want to point out that the fastest way to get these products is by buying into the Kickstarter. We expect to start fulfillment by Q2 2024, so anyone who doesn’t join the Kickstarter might have to wait until the end of next year or even longer to get some of these products.

I’m pumped, in case you couldn’t tell, and I hope that you are just as pumped as I am. If you are, make sure to sign up for our SMS and keep checking our social media for updates. That reminds me, those who are signed up to our SMS list will receive a 2-hour head start and alert that will tell them when the Kickstarter is active. Early birds get all kinds of special perks, so just keep that in mind if you’re not signed up yet. Just text the word KICKSTARTER to +1 (855) 653-2517 and you’re in!

This is an exciting time for the entire Inked Gaming community and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone join the fun. We still have some time before the Kickstarter kicks off, so in the meantime feel free to spread the word, give a shout-out, and let everyone know what we have coming up in July. We know we will be.

You can expect more details, art previews, and other important updates to come through this month as well, so keep your eyes peeled!

UPDATE: Our Kickstarter campaign officially launched on August 9, 2023 and is live and waiting for you! All those who show their support during the days of the project will be helping us to welcome back CUSTOM SLEEVES to our collection and introduce custom and artist-designed deck boxes and playmat tubes. In addition to these awesome new items, we are offering a host of amazing reward kits, all of which feature both custom and artist-designed goods that belong in every gamer’s stockpile.

When you can, be sure to swing by our official Kickstarter page, check out what we have going on, and help us reach our goal! 

Happy Gaming!

T.C. Pool

CEO & Founder


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  • Kyote

How will you guys be doing the custom art deck boxes? And what will they look like and what material will you use? Will it be similar to ultra pros deck boxes for Magic the Gathering with characters on them or will the shape of the deck boxes be different? (Example deck box types: side loader, top loader, ultra pro satin tower, oversized cards – like for Magic the Gathering Planeschase or commander cards?)

  • ken meyer jr

T, I am open to doing sleeves of stuff like the Jay mat art…if interested, get back to me.

  • YHWH

Wonder how they compare to dragon sheilds.

  • Koert

What an awesome announcement, can’t wait to be able to offer custom sleeves to our community!