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4 more helpful MTG Companion Apps

After seeing so many wizards stop by our 8 Great MTG Apps list, we thought it was about time to start looking for more awesome apps for our fellow spellcasters. Specifically, helpful companion apps that can assist you in every facet of the game. These apps are more like tools that can definitely come in handy for those looking to master Magic: The Gathering, especially those who are just beginning their journey!

So, after searching and downloading apps from both the App Store and Google Play Store, we found four that really stood out. Each app featured below acts as a helpful companion that looks to serve you before, during, and even after every battle. There are even a couple that contain in-depth rules and other tools that new players should take advantage of. Even if you’ve been playing the game for a while, these apps can definitely help you sharpen your skills.

Let’s have a look at our four favorite MTG companion apps!

1. Bugko

If you want an app that covers a lot of bases for all things MTG, then Bugko is the companion app for you. Bugko offers players a host of different features, all of which can really come in handy before, during, and even after your battles. This is truly an all-in-one app that was designed by players who feel just as passionate about the game as we do. 


Bugko is anything you need it to be. It’s a deck builder, a life counter, a rule book, a card library, a collection tracker, a dice roller, a wish list, a card scanner, a search engine, and much, much more. Oh, it also keeps you in the loop with what’s going on in the MTG gaming world with news and updates. With all of these features, Bugko is a toolbox for wizards of every level of experience.

No matter how fresh or familiar you are with the game, Bugko is a helpful companion app that every player should have downloaded and by their side. But don’t just take our word for it, have a look at what your fellow wizards have to say about in the reviews. Bugko had some bugs in the beginning, and there are some others that still linger, especially with the scanner, but we can tell you the app has come a long way. 

The developer seems to listen to all inquiries and feedback, which has led to a lot of fixes, tweaks, and updates that have made it one of the best MTG companion apps out there. Again, it's rich with info and features that no spellcaster should be without. You can find Bugko in the App Store and Google Play Store

2. MTG Rules

We mentioned liking apps that are great tools for new wizards who come to the table. However, occasionally, even the most skilled and experienced players, including judges, need something to refer back to, especially when it comes to the nitty-gritty rules for different versions of the game. Let’s just say we know some players who can use a refresher on the Commander rules. So, a few of our team members went searching for an app that we can all refer back to whenever we need a guide, and they found MTG Rules.

MTG Rules

Just as the name suggests, MTG Rules is a helpful app that’s designed to guide players through the rules of the game. Now, right off the bat, we want to make it clear that this app is more suited for experienced players who already have a grasp on the terms and basic layout of the game. 

Sure, it could be useful for new players as well, but it’s best for those who are already familiar with MTG. We only say this because it could be a little more overwhelming for someone who may have just recently been introduced to the game. Other than that, this app is the full package when it comes to the rules.

MTG Rules comes with a full transcript of ALL the rules, which are easy to find thanks to the search bar and the organized presentation. It also comes with a glossary that allows you to easily look up and locate the rule(s) and terms you’re looking for. 

Overall, this is a very detailed and expansive app that definitely comes in handy when you’re unsure of certain rules. It’s rich with info that you’ll always want to have on hand when the big questions come up during battles.

MTG Rules is available for Android devices, so you can only find it in the Google Play Store.


3. LifeElk

After looking through a variety of new apps for MTG, we quickly realized that there’s no shortage of life counter apps. In fact, when it comes to life counters, you have your pick of the litter. The trick is to find the best of the bunch, and based on our experience and the reviews left by fellow wizards, LifeElk is one of them.

MTG LifeElk

LifeElk is a clean, easy-to-use app that serves as a life counter for your MTG battles. The app itself has the ability to track the life totals of up to six players and has a commander mode that tallies different commander damage from each player. It even has a dice roll and coin toss feature as well. Again, there are a multitude of MTG life counter apps available out there. 

Actually, we have another one featured further down on this list. What’s important is that the app is simple, smooth, and supportive during gameplay. It also helps when you have an app that’s easy enough for new players to use and understand as well. Thanks to the interface and visually pleasing presentation (colors), LifeElk is a life counter app that checks all those boxes.

You can download LifeElk from both the Google Play and the App Store.

4. MTG Trades

Okay, this one was by request from our last MTG app list. Not this particular app, but we were asked about ‘an’ app that lets you look up and evaluate card values and trades. That’s how we found MTG Trades. Right from the get-go, we would like to point out that this is not a free app, but if you’re looking for a tool to help you track trades, prices, and values, this one should be in your download queue.

MTG Trades

MTG Trades makes looking up and finding cards super easy, and it even keeps a history of the trades you’ve made, that way you never lose track. And when you do look up a card, the app shows you every other printing ever made of that particular card and its previous values. The interface is also simple, subtle, and very user-friendly. 

Again, we like FREE apps here. However, if you’ve been searching for an MTG companion app that can keep track of card trades/prices, and help you keep your finger on the pulse of the market, the $6 is well worth it. MTG Trades is only available in the App Store, so if you have an Apple device (iPhone or iPad), then we suggest you give it a try.

Well, you’ve heard our favorites, and now we would like to hear yours. If another one of your favorite MTG companion apps is listed above, be sure to let us know which one in the comments below. If there’s another amazing app that we missed, let us know the name and where to find it, and we’ll definitely check it. Maybe we’ll even start an honorable mentions list.

Just like with our previous MTG app blog, and other listicles, this one is not about persuading or swaying. In other words, we’re not being paid to feature these apps, we’re just presenting options that we thought you would enjoy learning more about. We’re just opening the door to possibilities, and it’s up to you to walk through it. 

If you’ve used any of the apps listed above, we want to hear about your experience with it as well. Also, if you haven’t read through our 8 Great MTG apps blog yet, be sure to check it out before you bounce.

Happy Gaming, Wizards!


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