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8 Great Apps For MTG Players

If you consider yourself an avid MTG player and have yet to utilize one of the many apps that have been developed for it, let me just say: you’ve been missing out. It seems that there are apps currently available that can be extremely useful and helpful when it comes to tracking your game, building your deck, organizing your collection, searching for cards, and much, much more! Heck, there’s even an app that lets you join or host a game from anywhere. And if you want to know what the value of your deck is, there are a few apps for that too.

In this post, I’ll briefly highlight 8 of the most popular MTG apps and how they have given players the ability to gain more knowledge of the Magic realm. I’ll also tell you which platforms these apps are available on as well. Mind you, some of these apps cost money and some are absolutely FREE, but I don’t want that to be the deciding factor if you decide that you like a certain app. For now, just consider what each individual app can do for you!

So, without further ado, let’s explore these MTG apps together!


MTG Companion

1. MTG Companion 

The MTG Companion app is actually an official Magic app released by Wizards of the Coast. The app gives you access to a variety of useful capabilities such as joining local events, tracking your play, and even organizing/hosting your own events from wherever you are. While it doesn’t give you complete control over every detail of the game, the app does a solid job of simplifying the process so that anyone can host events and lead up to 8 players with very little fuss. 

You can use the app for simply joining events too, which can be done very easily through local stores. All you need is an event code, which the store provides, and from there you’ll have access to a host of live games and matchups, just like any other online multiplayer event. So, if you want an official MTG app developed straight from the Wizards themselves, MTG Companion should be on your list of downloads. Both Apple and Android users can find MTG Companion in the App Store and Google Play Store.


MTG Manager

2. MTG Manager

Card scanning, pricing, trading, organizing, deck building, and more, it can all be done using the MTG Manager app. Since the app is so well put together, all of these features, especially the scanner, can be used with ease. That makes tracking cards and their value an easy task as well. So, if you want to know the value of your deck, this app can be very helpful. Of course, this is the only app of its kind, which you’ll come to learn later on in the blog, but according to critics and players alike, the MTG Manager is among one of the best of its kind.

Overall, this is an amazing app for keeping track of inventory and financial statistics. The card scanner has been described as both efficient and effective, and the interface as a whole is very user-friendly, which is why it has become such a popular management app for MTG players. The MTG Manager app can be downloaded on Android and Apple devices.


MTG Familiar

3. MTG Familiar

This is another popular utility/reference tool that seems to have become a real go-to app for MTG players when it comes to deck building and card searching. With other helpful features including a life counter, spell counter and die roller/generator (D2, D4, D6, D8, D10, D12, D20, and D100), this app is the whole package for avid players who wish to keep their game organized. 

The app comes with a high-resolution scanner that can be used to search cards from each set as well. And if you need to do a more detailed search, there’s even a manual search tool that allows you to look up any cards in the game based on numerous filters, including name, type, color, rarity set, artist, power and more! All in all, Familiar takes the best features from other similar MTG apps and combines them to make one perfect app.

You can find and download the MTG Familiar app in the Google Play Store.


TopDecked MTG

4. TopDecked MTG

By including all the essential tools and features needed for deck building, collecting, pricing, and searching, TopDecked MTG is a great companion app for everything Magic. The app gives you the ability to build a variety of decks, look up cards based on a broad range of filters, and a lot more. The app even gives you the option to download their entire database, that way you can use it whenever you find yourself in a dreaded offline situation. Not bad, right?

Overall, this app is a solid choice for MTG players of all levels, both new and seasoned. In fact, players who are new to the MTG realm and looking to become more knowledgeable about the game seem to have really responded well to the helpful and informative nature of the app. More experienced players are using it as a reliable reference tool for staying up to date as well, since it also features articles and the latest news surrounding the game, including any tournaments that may be going down. Honestly, this app has so many cool features that I can’t even list them all, so I’ll leave it up to you to look for yourself and let you be the judge!

TopDecked MTG is available for download on both Apple and Android platforms.


Magic Life Counter

5. Magic Life Counter

If you’re looking for a simple, FREE app that can track your life during MTG gameplay, then you should definitely give the Magic Life Counter app a try. There’s no complicated setup or separate download required. Just simply load up the app and place it between you and the player(s) across from you and let the games begin! 

Honestly, this app is no-frills and rather rudimentary in nature, but it also comes with a few other handy features for enhancing your MTG gameplay experience, including poison counters, a dice roller, a game over detector, and more. It even has a customizable background option if you wish to make it more vibrant than generic. 

Again, this app is bare-bones simple, but it does a solid job of fulfilling its purpose, which is to keep track of life, allow players to roll dice, and support 2-4 players at one table. So, it is simple but extremely useful for serious MTG players of all levels of experience. The Magic Life Counter app is available for download on both Apple and Android platforms.


ManaBox MTG

6. ManaBox MTG

This is also a useful MTG companion app for players who wish to search/organize cards, sets, and decks, totally FREE of charge. With an always up-to-date database, virtual card trader tool, deck simulator, and tracker, this is a superb app for any avid magic player or collector. And thanks to its extensive database, you can look up any and every card ever printed. Players have taken to using the app for checking card rulings and values as well. 

So, if you’ve been looking for an all-in-one app that is capable of organizing, searching, pricing, and cataloging decks/cards, ManaBox is the MTG app for you. You can download ManaBox from the Google Play Store and the App Store.


MTG Card Scanner Delver Lens

7. MTG Card Scanner Delver Lens

Just as its name suggests, the MTG Card Scanner Delver Lens app acts as a virtual scanner for identifying, pricing and organizing cards/collections. With only a handful of handy features and tools to speak of, this app is basically just meat and potatoes, compared to other all in one type apps like those mentioned above. The scanner works by simply taking a picture of the entire card using the app’s camera and from there, the app will automatically give you a full breakdown of the card and its details. Simple enough.

Aside from its solid scanning ability, this app allows you to do more advanced searches, manage your decks, and even buy/sell cards on different websites and online outlets. All in all, this is a nice little inventory app for MTG players who wish to properly identify and price different cards. The MTG Card Scanner Delver Lens app is only available for Android users and can be found in the Google Play Store.


MTG Unofficial

8. MTG Unofficial

Much like Familiar and TopDecked, MTG Unofficial is another handy utility app for searching, pricing, organizing, and deck building. And even more similar to apps like Familiar (that sounded funny) this app also has a variety of helpful filters for narrowing down your search of different cards, including by name, type, ability, format, rarity, artist, set and even color. The app allows you to easily manage/organize your own decks as well, through simple import/export and search collection options.

Overall, this app has become quite popular among avid collectors and players in the MTG community, especially when it comes to deck building. It even includes a life tracker, dice roller, counter tracker and other useful features that can be utilized during gameplay. You can find the MTG Unofficial app in the Google Play Store.


I hope you enjoyed learning more about these awesome MTG apps. Again, some of these apps have a plethora of features and capabilities, which is why I encourage you to dig deeper and find out more about these apps. It’s not my intention to sell you on these apps or convince you to use each one, but more so to bring them to your attention, especially if you’re obsessed with MTG. In other words, we’re NOT being paid or anything to promote these apps. I just wanted to note that before I concluded.

As always, be sure to leave me a message in the comments below if you’ve tried any of these apps or have used another that wasn’t featured on this list. And keep an eye on our blog page for more informative posts!

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Until we meet again,

Vince the Prince

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2 years and some months after the publication of this article, it almost holds true even to this date.
The only update needed is on MTG Manager which is not available for Android users (if it ever was)
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  • Carlo E

Is there an app that you can input the price you bought a card and compare it to the latest market price?

So i can have a guide on which cards I could sell at a profit at any point in time?

Thanks in advance!

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