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Custom Sleeves are Launching!

The wait is finally over, as we are proud to announce the launch of custom sleeves!

Because this is a new endeavor for us, we need to test our production capacity, therefore we are limiting the first run to 25 orders.  

You will be able to choose between a $34.99 set of 80 count or a $44.99 set of 105 count

The sleeves are 92mm x 66mm. (Smaller sized sleeves will be offered at later date)

Both options come with their respective number of Ultra-Pro sleeve covers. These covers are used to protect your sleeves from chips and scratches.  This means that you will have the custom sleeves themselves and they will then be sleeved by protective clear sleeves (so two sleeves for one card).  

We have shuffled and put these sleeves through extensive testing, and have found that when using the sleeve covers the custom sleeves themselves last much longer.  After frequent plays, you can then reorder more sleeve covers as needed, thus extending the life of your custom sleeve investment.  

So how do you make sure you are one of the first?

There will be three ways to make yourself eligible:

1.  Sign up on the form below right now:

2.  Comment on the specified thread on our Facebook page and say you would like to be entered into the drawing.  
3.  Send us a message on Twitter with #customsleeves25

We will have a random drawing to select 25 entrants who will be eligible to purchase the first batch of custom sleeves.  The drawing will take place on Monday at 10am PST.  

Here is an infographic with details about the card sleeves.

We are extremely excited to be sharing this product with you, and we hope you are, too!  If you have any further questions about these sleeves, please feel free to contact us.



After years of not having Custom Sleeves in our collection, we’re finally bringing them back where they belong! Yes, that’s right, CUSTOM SLEEVES ARE COMING BACK! Don’t worry, April 1st is long gone, so you know this is no joke. We’re shouting these out to the entire Inked Gaming community and hope you will too.

This is something that we’ve been working on for a long time, and this year, our planning and patience are about to pay off, but we need to ask for your help. In order to bring these old friends back into the fold, we need help funding the production process. So, we’re running a Kickstarter campaign in July 2023 to help achieve this! This will be our first Kickstarter campaign, but with a great team, a loyal community, and 11+ years in the game, we’re confident that it will allow us to make Custom Sleeves a reality again very soon.

The Kickstarter goes live on July 1 and will run for 30 days. Until, we strongly encourage you to sign up for our SMS list, that way you stay up to date with the latest info. SMS subscribers will also have access to some nice perks that will come in handy, including a 2-hour head start that will let you know when the Kickstarter launches, along with an early bird special that you’ll definitely want a piece of. Just text the word KICKSTARTER to +1 (855) 653-2517.

You can find more details and info about our Kickstarter and the return of Custom Sleeves HERE!


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