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Yu-Gi-Oh! Ultimate Kaiba Set

With all the 25th Anniversary hub-bub surrounding Pokémon, we almost forgot to mention that Yu-Gi-Oh! manga is turning 25 as well. That’s two major TCGs turning the same age in the same year. Where has the time gone? 


Similar to Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh! is set to release a special edition item that’s meant to commemorate the milestone anniversary. And I must say, it looks pretty awesome! In fact, I think it’s something that every passionate Yu-Gi-Oh! player should have in their collection. They’re calling it the Ultimate Kaiba Set!

Ultimate Kaiba Set

The set itself is a briefcase (like the one Kaiba carries around throughout the show) that’s packed with 61 cards, all of which come straight from Kaiba’s original deck. That means you’ll find a vast amount of treasures in this set, including his most powerful weapon of all - Blue-Eyes White Dragons.

Blue Eyes Ultimate Kaiba Set

The case holds three Secret Rare Blue-Eyes White Dragons and the remaining cards are all Ultra Rare. Konami has even thrown in three new Trap cards from manga as well, which are:

Life Shaver, Attack Guidance Armor, and Magical Trick Mirror. The inside of the case also features a special logo to commemorate the 25th Anniversary, along with a strap to hold a playmat, and 14 separators, which can hold and organize up to 7,000 cards. Considering all the contents in the case, it’s fair to say that Konami has thought of everything for this limited edition collector’s set.


Kaiba’s briefcase is only available for a limited time, so if you want one, it will cost you about $300.00 (¥33,000 JPY). Because there is only a limited number available for a very limited amount of time, Konami is accepting pre-orders, which began on September 21st and will last until October 31st. Anyone who puts their order in between those dates will receive their Ultimate Kaiba Set sometime in April 2022. 


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