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Yu-Gi-Oh Tribute Art Show Coming To Gallery1988 In July

Yu-Gi-Oh Tribute Art Show Coming To Gallery1988 In July

Calling all Yu-Gi-Oh fans! We’ve got some exciting news for you. Gallery1988 in Los Angeles, California has been collaborating with Konami Cross Media NY and is going to be hosting a Yu-Gi-Oh Tribute Art Show on July 5, 2019. Gallery1988 is a pop-culture focused art gallery that has been open since 2004 and is known for being the first of its kind.

This Yu-Gi-Oh show is going to feature all kinds of amazing Yu-Gi-Oh tribute art, many of which appear to be limited edition. According to, this art show is being held to celebrate the impact the game has had on fans for over 20 years now. Many well-known Gallery1988 artists will be creating the art for the show on commission.

Since June 20, Gallery1988 has been releasing sneak previews of some of the stunning prints that will be at the show. You can check out these previews on Twitter at #YGOArtShow or on the Gallery1988 tumblr page.  

All in all, this looks like a pretty sweet way to celebrate this much loved game and many of us here are a little bit sad (okay, maybe a lot sad) that we don’t live close enough to make it there. But, you can bet that we’ll be keeping an eye on that hashtag for the art and news updates Gallery1988 keeps posting. If anybody else out there that’s as excited about this show as we are, take a look at the Gallery1988 Future Exhibit page for more information!

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