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Wizards of the Coast and Post Malone are partnering up

“I’m obsessed with it.” That’s what popular rapper, Post Malone, said when he was asked about Magic: The Gathering. Yes, Posty is a passionate Magic: The Gathering player/collector, and has been for quite a long time. In fact, just last year, I posted a blog about Posty’s little Magic spending spree, where it was assumed that he spent $500k on a rare Black Lotus card. You can go back and read that blog here, if you haven’t already. 


Fast forward to today, and Posty is once again making headlines in the MTG sphere. According to numerous reports that came out just before the new year, Post Malone and WOTC are currently collaborating on a new Magic: The Gathering project that has captured the attention of the entire community.


Details are still a little scarce at this point, but there are some bits of info that are already set in stone, so to speak. One major piece of this puzzle is the announcement of the re-boot of Friday Night Magic, which is a weekly series of tournaments that will be played in close to 10,000 stores across the globe.


Now, I’m cautiously optimistic about this new Friday Night Magic series going through into 2022, because the truth is, we’re not sure what the world will look like after these next few months. I don’t like talking about COVID in these blogs because the whole point is to get our minds off of the more serious stuff that’s surrounding us each day. But, barring any serious spikes in the numbers on that front, the series is set to make a nice comeback.


Again, that’s the only real, solid detail that we’ve heard coming out of this new partnership so far. There are still some events and other bombshell announcements set to drop sometime this year, but Posty and Wizards are not ready to pull back the curtains on any of those just yet. All we have to go on is a statement that was released from WOTC stating that 2022 is going to be a busy year for MTG players, as it will introduce new partnerships, bigger online events, and more ways to enjoy the game that they love. 


Post Malone even sent out a tweet regarding this new collaboration, which read:


Back at it with @Wizards_Magic:) It's about to get wild #MTGPartner


This tweet was followed by a statement of his own: “This is really a dream come true. We’ll be doing some cool stuff, so keep an eye out.” Oh, we will, Posty. We will. 


In the meanwhile, I’ll be keeping my eyes peeled for any new updates, announcements, or statements made by either side, and it would be great if you did the same. I would suggest following Post Malone on Twitter and periodically checking MTG’s official website and various social media platforms as well. If you spot anything big in your travels, be sure to return to this post and put it in the comments below. 


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