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Why You Should Try: Wild Hearthstone

Why You Should Try: Wild Hearthstone

Hello and welcome back to another part of ‘Why you should try’ series from Team Rankstar in partnership with Inked Gaming. I am RenoJackson, an avid Wild Hearthstone player and content creator for Team Rankstar. I’ve played Hearthstone for five years and switched to Wild – the evergreen gamemode with no rotation and access to all the cards in the history of the game - the first moment it became a gamemode, and for good reasons. Here’s why you should try it too.

A full Hearthstone experience

Whether you are a Hearthstone veteran or a newcomer with some dust to spare, Wild is a great way to spend your time in the game. I’ve known so many people who picked up Hearthstone, discovered Wild then told me something along the lines of ‘I’m never going back to Standard anymore’. Standard meta, a gamemode that’s restricted to the Classic set and the most recent two years of cards, is heavily influenced by how the design team shaped it; thus, is restricted in many respects: the number of decks you can play, deck diversity, and your overall ladder experience. While Standard is fine and is usually attended to, after playing for a while, you might start asking yourself: I’m playing the same few decks again and again, it’s getting a bit repetitive, man, I really want to try out some crazy stuff!

Then look no further, for Wild is the home to MANY of the most ridiculous decks available! You can cheat out big stuffs way ahead of the usual Hearthstone curve, execute jaw-dropping combos that would never be possible if you were playing Standard, while never have to worry that the deck would be so out of control because there’s a counter for everything in Wild! And you know what’s the best thing about Wild is? You can simultaneously play 20 or so said decks, and still be able to both have fun and stay competitive! If you only play Standard and not Wild, you’re missing out on the opportunity to discover the true essence of this card game.

Long-term cost saving

The biggest problem for people getting into card games is the recurrent cost. It’s time for a new rotation and don’t have $100 to spare? Too bad! You’re stuck with one boring deck for the next month. With Wild, your investment stays with you. Each set of new cards both bring forward new decks and fortify older decks, but there will always be strong contenders without having to spend a single extra dime. If you want to stay for a good time and a long time in Hearthstone, Wild is the way to go. Only 1/3 of cards that are great in Standard will be used in Wild every expansion, so staying competitive with new decks in Wild is a much easier task.

The community

The Wild community is very closely-knitted. They say that you’ll know every Wild legend player after you’ve played Wild a couple of months. Wild players are very resourceful and (in my opinion) much more supportive than Standard, so you can catch up easily even if you start from zero. Wild have meta reports dedicated to it, exclusive Reddit communities, podcasts, online streams, all of which are very accessible. If you enjoy a gamemode where you can chat up to your opponents just about anything and receive passionate answers, this is the one for you!

If you’ve reached the end of this article, I really hope that you would give this gamemode a try! It might take a bit of time to adjust, but I’m sure you’ll find yourself right at home after a while. I hope to meet you on Hearthstone ladder very soon!



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