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Why You Should Try: TEPPEN

Why You Should Try: Teppen

Your love of CAPCOM and real time strategy online card game for mobile is here!:

Why should you play TEPPEN? The first moment I joined TEPPEN, I was seeing a Facebook ad with 9 of TEPPEN’s featured Heroes you can play as in the game. Ryu from Street Fighter and X from Megaman X immediately caught my attention and I knew I had to throw some Hadokens and Charge Shots! I was on my phone and the ad took me straight to the Google Play Store (available on iOS also).

I was welcomed with a story behind TEPPEN and the CAPCOM multiverse all joining as one. The story draws in the player and places them in The Land of Illusion, this is where the journey begins. The tutorial goes over Ryu’s story and his experience coming into The Land of Illusion. All 9 characters have 4 chapters each that can be completed for their stories and craft rewards.

In the first chapter, the game teaches mechanics and suggests actions for the player to beat their computer opponent. TEPPEN is a card game with real time strategy elements, creating a new genre proclaimed as UCG, Ultimate Card Game. This attracts many card gamer and fighting game community players for the TEPPEN community we have now. If you enjoy card games, real time strategy, or both, TEPPEN was made for you!

I’ve played card games my whole life and one of the recent gripes I gained and heard through others is having to wait during your opponent’s turn and just watch the opponent. TEPPEN eliminates that wait time -- you and your opponent play the game at the same time for 5 minutes to decide who comes out victorious. TEPPEN is engaging, interactive, and you can enjoy your favorite CAPCOM characters playing up to 5 minute games.

The Community:

The community has sponsored streamers from the card game and fighting game communities. We have a lot of support from GungHo and CAPCOM. They sponsor these streamers to play and share TEPPEN. Our player base and top leaderboards include players from all backgrounds, so do not hesitate to join. There’s a good chance you will meet amazing friends and players as I have. We have community tournaments here and there, and official TEPPEN tournaments are continuing to be scheduled and are always fun to watch. I normally lurk in the Reddit, Discord, and Twitch communities.

Starting Fresh:

When you first start the game, you have many peers that are just starting out like you, and every passing day you will gain more peers at your level. The current meta and matchmaking is friendly enough for you to enjoy learning and playing TEPPEN. You will find opponents that are just starting out as well. This will allow you to play at your own pace while playing as your favorite CAPCOM character. Although there are in-app purchases, money is not a requirement to compete in TEPPEN. We have many top players where the most they spent is $5 or no money at all. The game gives you 23 free booster packs to begin your collection and has a mechanic where you can destroy your cards to create new cards that you did not own before. Allowing you to build your ideal deck right at the start of your journey. TEPPEN is generous rewarding new players for completing missions, challenges, and ranking up with packs, Zenny (for packs), and Souls (crafting cards).

Learning Curve:

The learning curve is anywhere you want it to be. As a player, you can grow as a novice, intermediate, or advanced player and compete in TEPPEN. While being a real time strategy game, TEPPEN is simple, easy to learn, and playing cards always come with a sense of value. TEPPEN is not a game where you have to spend hours studying to just start out, you can download the game and learn more from playing as you go.


TEPPEN features CAPCOM franchises, including and not limited to: Street Fighter, Monster Hunter World, Devil May Cry, Darkstalkers, and Resident Evil. All cards have never before seen gorgeous artworks made specifically for TEPPEN and this can all be yours to collect. Just download TEPPEN right now.

Your Favorite Hero:

The current roster is, Ryu, Chun-Li, Rathalos, Nergigante, X, Dante, Morrigan Aensland, Albert Wesker and Jill Valentine. Jill is the latest addition to the roster back in August, and we already have an announced Hero, Nero from Devil May Cry, coming to us in November.

500k Tournament:

The TEPPEN World Championship 2019 is sponsored by Amazon. The North American qualifiers is on October 5th and more information can be found here. Qualifiers will be invited to Tokyo where the tournament pool is 500k. TEPPEN is renowned as a great game by it’s community and the tournament support we have points to a bright future.


TEPPEN has been to many conventions since its release and it has plans for more. They give out swags from pins, shirts, to con exclusive alternate art cards. You stumbled here, so why not give TEPPEN a download, and play against GungHo’s community managers at the cons. Surprise the TEPPEN booth with your skill and knowledge of the game.

Thanks for reading why you should play TEPPEN! This is iowa, Team Rankstar member and content creator for TEPPEN. I always create in-depth Reddit guides to help new players and the community, so check out the r/TEPPEN subreddit. Check out Stout Helm’s Youtube channel where he makes informative and professional videos. Christopher D and myself stream on Twitch -- some improvements are better learned watching!

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