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Why You Should Try: Gwent

Why You Should Try: Gwent

Why you should choose Gwent as a card game?

You have probably seen many articles from various card games on similar topic as this one butcan tell you one thing - THEY WERE ALL WRONG!

Now that we have established this, let me explain to you why Gwent is the most underrated card game in the whole pool of games.


The marvelous card art is the first thing you are going to notice. Every card tells its little story and with the premiums, that are not so hard to get thanks to the reward system in Gwent which is really generous, the story of each card expands even more! Many cards have small details that you don’t even see after 1000 hours of playing the game and that makes it even more special as you have always something to look out for! And if you get really caught up in the stories you can! Just play the Witcher games or read the books so you can learn more about your favorite cards!


As mentioned above the reward system in Gwent is really generous and that makes it even more fun to play because every single day you spend in the game reflects majorly on your card collection. After every match you receive some small reward in form of in-game currencies or evenGwent card for your collection! And the rewarding doesn’t stop there, you have daily quests, rewards after 6/12/24 rounds won in Gwent! This is still not everything! The Reward Book isplace where you can gather different Leaders, Trinkets and in-game currencies to obtain more cards for Reward Points that are earned for various Contracts in the game or from Daily Challenges/End of the Season rewards.


Now we move to the gameplay which is really unique in the card game universe as we play for three rounds and win is determined by the ability to generate more points than your opponent. To win you need to achieve more points in two rounds out of three. After winning two rounds the game ends end you gain experience, rewards and also MMR points!

Deck building is limited only by provision system, minimum of 25 cards in the deck and minimum of 13 Unit(cards with body) cards. This small limitation allows you to create all sorts of decks with crazy combos, engines, control etc! You can trust me on this oneyou are going to spendlot of time in the Deck Builder and it will make you think about various combos even in your sleep!


Ranking system is also very generous as you can never de-rank fromrank you have once achieved. To get to the next rank you need to complete an Avatar mosaic consisting of 5 pieces. You gain 1 piece forwin and loose one piece forlossbut once again – never de-ranking. From rank 30-7 you can gain win streak mosaic piecesafter 3 consecutive wins you star earning double the mosaic pieces forwin!


The Developers and Community Manger for Gwent carelot for the game often taking inspiration from players and listening to the community. It can be seen in almost every Patch and Expansion that occurs in Gwent! Also the Community Manager interacts with the people on-line which makes it feel even more like "home".

All in all the Gwent is super fun game which can amuse you for endless hours with it’s fun gameplay and really nice community!



Part of this communitythe Broadcasters of Gwent - will now share why they think Gwent is the one card game to go for!


"I think the reason that someone should play the game is because it differs from other CCGs because you need to win 2 out of 3 rounds by getting more points than your opponent. In most of the other CCGs you need to destroy the opponents leader which in my opinion is very dull. Aside of that the card art is amazing in Gwent and there are tons of cards in the game already and they keep adding new cards with new expansions. For that reason alone you should play Gwent to be honest. And if someone is thinking about playing the game I would advice them to start playing it in the new season!“


"Infrequent RNG effects, and small deck sizes make for a consistent experience. More often than not, Gwent comes down to player‘s skill and deck choice, as opposed to a lucky draw or random effect. Open ended deck building also allows for plenty of possibilities whether you're a competitive player or someone who just wants to meme.“


"I think you should play Gwent because of that rush you feel every time when you beat an opponent by one point, and because of the fact that player skill is usually more important than RNG.


"Gwent is a very unique card game, it doesn’t have a mana system like other card games and so resource management plays out very differently in Gwent. It's very novel to enjoy and master compared to other card games which are all very similar to each other.“


"Before Gwent, I've played a ton of Yugioh and Magic. Until running into Gwent in late 2017, if you had asked me what my favorite format of any card game was I would've snapped off either, "2005 Goat Format" or "2010 Edison Format." While Yugioh has had some pretty horrendous formats over the years, the great formats are incredible. When I first got into Gwent, I saw a lot of similarities between the way that Gwent worked, and the way older Yugioh formats worked. While Magic takes a very heavy-handed approach to bottle-necking which, and how many cards you can play in a turn with the mana system, Gwent and Yugioh have a very different approach. Rather than mana restricting you from playing your best cards, the potential for opposing counterplay is what stops you from playing your best cards early.


"As one of if not the most visually impressive CCG out there, Gwent has much to offer for new and veteran players alike. One of my favorite aspects about Gwent is the three round system which encourages players to carefully plan and manage their resources throughout the various rounds. Additionally, following the Witcher universe, Gwent is rich with familiar faces and characters from the Witcher trilogy.


"Why I think other people should give it a go? I'd say that the core concept behind the game of the cards themselves being the resources instead of an

over-reliance on a mana system that greatly increases the impact of draw RNG is really valuable. The fact that some decks can try to build for a really long round with super synergistic archetypes while other decks can play for tempo and try to bleed over 3 rounds is cool too."

This sums it up and see you in the game for a few rounds of Gwent!



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