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Why You Should Try: Gods Unchained

Why You Should Try: Gods Unchained

Hello, my name is Michael “NC” Toryk and in this edition of ‘Why You Should Try’ I will be telling you why you should play Gods Unchained. I am what I guess you would call a 'TCG nomad'. I have played every card game on the market (most at a high level) and as soon as I started playing GU I was hooked like I have been previously only once in my life. 

GU has similar game play to other card games on the market, however the approach to how the game is run and its impeccable balance really stand out among the rest. The game feels familiar, yet it is an entirely new experience.

Crypto is the future!

For those of you like me who aren’t accustomed to crypto currencies, I can understand how diving into it can be daunting. As of right now, the game only runs off of Ethereum so you will have to convert your money into it if you wish to buy Genesis packs. All of the cards in the game are decentralized, and in the next update will be sellable. That’s right, that means all of the cards you earn through game play as well as the ones that you buy with your hard earned cash have real life value. 

Each card has a rarity (common to legendary) as well as a “shiny” level ranging from meteorite to diamond. By separating these two points, players will be able to purchase the cards that they need at a reasonable price, and the collectors will be able to collect the most expensive “shiny” cards if they wish. Diamond legendary cards are expected to sell at around $2,000 USD, opposed to the meteorite legendary cards that do the same thing will sell between $5-10 USD. Being able to buy individual cards that you would like to play is a huge boon. Decentralization also means that all of the cards that you own are actually yours and can not be taken away by any means.

Play to earn and free to play

There are two separate sets right now of cards that you can get. One being the core set which is only earned by leveling up in game and is unpurchasable. The other is Genesis. Genesis packs, as mentioned previously, are only able to be bought with Ethereum, or are obtained by Weekend Leagues. Weekend leagues are weekends where you are judged by your wins as well as your rating and rewarded for your play. Do not fret if you can not afford the Genesis packs. For the most part, they are not needed to actually move forward in ranking and people with a bigger wallet don’t necessarily just have an edge over you. You can get to Mythic - the games highest rating achievable - by playing starter decks. 

There is also a token system that rewards you for wins. Tokens allow you to enter raffles for limited edition items that change your side of the boards’ visual. Alternatively, you can sell these tokens on the market for Ethereum which you can pocket or turn into packs. In the current state of in-game economy, roughly 9 wins of tokens equates to 1 Genesis pack.


If you have played Hearthstone or The Elder Scrolls: Legends this gameplay will be familiar to you. There are six different gods to choose from, and each has four different god powers that you choose prior to starting the game. This not only gives you a variety of ways to play, but it allows you to choose a power that is better suited in a matchup. Alternatively, you can stick to one power and just build your deck around it. There is enough RNG to keep the game from being stale, however games are not decided by a good or bad outcome. It feels fair.

Where I feel the game really shines is the way mana works. If you are going first, you start the game with a card in your hand that gives you an extra mana for a single turn. If going second, you start with a card that gives you an extra mana on three different turns. More importantly, after turn five it starts taking multiple turns to get an extra mana. For example, when you are at five mana it takes two turns to unlock your sixth mana. This forces a lot of action to happen in the early to mid game and keeps you engaged regardless of what kind of deck you are playing. Due to your mana being “locked”, ramp - which is a common balance point issue across most TCGs -  becomes way more fair. 

Community and the Devs

I have never seen a game before where everyone from game designers, to game programmers, to the director of the game, are completely willing to get involved with the community and help out as if they were any other person. You know they are listening to complaints and praises because they are right there with you, and are willing to fix issues efficiently. I knew next to nothing about crypto prior to entering the discord community and within an hour I felt confident enough to know what I was doing. If you are having issues with understanding the UI or understanding crypto, I suggest you get involved and do the same. Someone is always there with a helping hand. 

As a veteran card gamer, as soon as I played this game and started understanding it I was hooked. Personally, I think it is the best game on the market and I hope some of you reading this article download the game and give it a try. I have posted my beta access code below if you want to use it to play! 

-Michael “NC” Toryk


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