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What are the benefits of our XL Gaming Mousepads?

With so many people working from home and using their desk space for both work and play these days, it’s essential that you’re equipped with only the best gear available. For me, comfort, quality and control are three things I look for when selecting my office gear. You can find these attributes in a variety of different items, including desk chairs, mice, keyboards, etc. But there’s one item that satisfies all three of those needs...our in-house, handcrafted desk pads. Specifically, our XL Gaming Mousepads

Our gaming desk pads come in three different sizes (Classic, Large and XL), but when it comes to changing the landscape of your home office/gaming desk, the XL pad is a top option for our customers. It seems that bigger is always better, especially if you want to make a difference in the way your desk looks and feels. In this post, I’m just going to quickly highlight/detail the pros of our XL Gaming desk pad and how it can best serve you while you work and/or play. Whether you’re fighting deadlines, daily objectives, a Demogorgon or dragons in the sky, our Gaming Mousepad is your best option...and here are 4 reasons why.

1. Enhanced action

For starters, all of our Gaming desk pads are made with premium materials and craftsmanship. We wouldn’t produce/sell anything that we wouldn’t use ourselves, which is why we put extra time and care into the creation of all of our gear, especially our mousepads. We feel that both working and gaming requires swift, precise mouse movements. That’s why we fitted the top of the pad with a smooth, sleek polyester material that makes your mouse feel as if it’s gliding instead of just moving. So, if you do a lot of copying and pasting during the day and a lot of flying or shooting at night, you’ll notice the difference in speed and precision right away. 

2. Better traction

With that in mind, you’re probably thinking that this enhanced speed/action will probably lead to your pad slipping and sliding, but that’s not the case. We know how important it is for your mousepad to stay straight and still while you’re working your magic, which is why we equipped the bottom of this desk mat with a grippy rubber backing as well. This strong rubber material ensures that your mousepad will remain tight and true on every kind of surface. 

3. Bigger size

I’m notorious for running out of room on my mousepad and I’m sure that there are many of you out there who can relate. Some of us just need a little more room to roam, which is why I like the fact that our XL Gaming Mousepads are double the size of an ordinary pad. It’s measured at approximately 18" x 16" and 1/8" thick. They also have a rugged stitched edging that’s great for keeping fray away as well. I don’t know about you, but that’s plenty of room for me. If you need more, I suggest looking into our Extended desk mats. Those babies are massive, as they come in Large, XL and XXL sizes that measure almost 3-4 feet long. 

4. More styles

It’s no secret that we have a ton of pre-designed arts on our site, many of which are featured on our mousepads. Here are some of our bestselling desk mat designs to date:

However, if you’re looking to make more of a personal statement, you can personalize your own mousepad and give it the signature style that it deserves with our Custom Mousepad option. If you choose to go that route, all you have to do is upload your desired image/pattern and we’ll happily print it on this pad. Just be sure to keep our terms and conditions in mind before you settle on a custom design. 

All things considered, I can say with confidence that our XL Gaming Mousepads (and all of the other pads in our collection for that matter) are ideal for upgrading your home office/gaming desk. We wouldn’t use anything else, and neither should you, as these desk mats have both size and style on their side. I know that we’ve said this in numerous listings, but I just want to reiterate that once you’ve worked and played on an Inked Gaming Mousepad, you won’t want to use anything else! I’ll leave you with that.

Until we meet again

Vince the Prince

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