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Welcome To The Team: Kat and Drago!

Welcome To The Team: Kat and Drago

We’ve got a little bit of a different post for your today. In this post, I’m beyond excited to introduce you to our new in-house designer, Kat! We were lucky enough to introduce her to our team just over three months ago and she has already made a massive impact in what we are able to provide you. She is incredibly talented and has made it possible for us to offer amazing Inked Gaming designs for products and create stunning graphics and animations for our site, emails, and ads. If you want the super-fast rundown of who Kat is: Designing has always been Kat’s dream and she made sure that’s what she gets to do for the rest of her life. Her favorite color is yellow and she enjoys playing DnD with her brother and friends (so you know she fit in with the crew here instantly).

In an unbelievable turn of events, Kat also ended up introducing us to another amazing new member of our team. You might have also noticed this cute little dragon character popping up a lot lately. 

Meet Drago

This is Drago, Kat’s desk buddy. Kat found Drago’s egg hidden away in a crevice in the small patch of forest near our office. She brought the egg inside to see if we could figure out what kind of animal it contained. You can only imagine how surprised we all were when the egg hatched open on her desk and a small, red dragon popped out! 

Drago Hello World

Of course, we got over our shock quickly enough and were eager to welcome him to our crew. We collectively knew we had to keep him, considering he is a dragon and not technically real so there was really no one we could call to come and get him, and Kat volunteered to take responsibility for him. Since then, Drago has become a major part of our team and his bond with Kat is unbreakable. I’ll admit, it’s been a bit of a journey watching him grow up over the last few months. He’s gone through the typical phases: he got addicted to caffeine early on, then he discovered pizza and kept ordering boxes for himself everyday…
Drago Pizza

Next (perhaps unsurprisingly) he discovered gaming and we had to explain to him why we couldn’t actually just sit around and play games with him all day…. 

Drago Roll For It

Finally, in the last few weeks he’s really matured. He now comes to work dressed very nicely (except for on Fridays, of course) and has become a positive voice around the office. We can always count on Drago to pop-up from Kat’s desk when you need a reminder or a word of encouragement throughout the day.

Drago Dress Code
Drago My Sunshine
Drago My Sunshine

The rest of us in the office have all also started keeping a close eye on the small patch of forest by the office to see if any other mystical eggs appear tucked between the trees. We’re hopeful that some day we could all have an amazing desk buddy creature to hang out with and share with the world ;). 

Until then, I’ll be at my desk alone if anyone needs me. 

Now on a more serious note: farewell!

Sarah Berge

Marketing Manager and wannabe creative writer at Inked Gaming

*Disclaimer: Drago is a fictional character created by Kat Brint. We do not actually have a dragon hanging out with us at work, no matter how much we wish we did.

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