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Welcome to the Inked Gaming Affiliate Program

The Inked Gaming Affiliate Program is now fully operational!


Inked Gaming has been at the forefront of supporting artists, content creators, streamers, YouTubers, and many other innovative and creative people during our six years in business.  Being a group of gamers ourselves, we take pride in knowing our customer base, many times being part of those communities ourselves.

In the last few months, we have been slowly coming up with a program that would further help the communities that we care so much about while also giving you the flexibility to continue promoting your content in ways that you want to do it. 

We want to thank Team Rankstar, the organization that got the ball rolling on this program.  They came to us with a vision, and they wanted us to be a part of that.  We decided that it would be in our best interest to formulate a program that would provide support at an entry-level, while also leaving the door open for Rankstar to receive additional support if they represented us in a way that proved beneficial to both parties.  They are already doing this at an extremely prominent level, bringing in many new customers and referrals to Inked Gaming every day.  They are now a Sponsored Inked Gaming Affiliate, receiving 10% in commissions in all sales, leaving the door open for many more opportunities. 

We have since added more streamers, YouTubers, and artists to this program.  With over 50 new affiliates signed up in the first five days of the program, it seems like this program is here to stay. We want you to be a part of it. 


Here’s how it works

-You click the link below

-Sign up and get approved

-Receive a personal, unique referral code as well as a unique link that you can provide to prospective customers (these don’t expire)

-Link your PayPal account and watch the profits come in by referring your fans to our site to purchase gaming accessories

-At the end of the day, receive a 4% affiliate rate of all sales sent to us

-Refer many sales and apply to become an Inked Gaming Sponsor Affiliate (10% affiliate rate plus sponsored perks)


If you have any questions, feel free to email me at .  



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