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Ways to Make more Money with the Inked Gaming Affiliate Program

Ways To Earn More Money With Inked Gaming Affiliate Program

We’re back with another blog about one of Inked’s most exciting projects, our affiliate program!

This week, we are going to focus on the cold, hard, cash aspect of this program. How do you make more of it?!

First off, I want to be clear that just signing up for an affiliate program and pasting your code at the bottom of your Twitch channel will produce varying, if not disappointing results. You get out what you put into most of these programs, and it will require a little more than just static advertising.

To review, upon onboarding you receive two tools to use with this program:

  1. Unique coupon code: You are also given a unique 10% off coupon code – you receive commissions anytime this code is used.
  2. Unique link: Your unique link will put a cookie into the customer’s browser and stay in their history for up to 30 days. If a purchase is made by the customer, you will receive commissions on that sale.

Ways to use each tool:

Unique Coupon Code:

  1. Embed your code into your social media profiles. “InkedSwag for 10% off at!”
  2. Embed your code at the bottom of your YouTube videos, Twitch channel, and articles that you write.
  3. Discuss the website with your viewers/fans. Many times, a quick movement away from your content to discussing a site like ours generates a lot of hype – This is especially the case during the holiday seasons (Like, right now!!)
  4. Come up with an ad read (or ask us for one) that speaks to your viewers and doesn’t sound too “corporate.” State your coupon code before, during, and after the ad read.
  5. Make sure, especially during sale times on our site, that your fans let us know that you referred them! If they find a better coupon code during our Black Friday sale (yes, they will), they can always add into the special instructions page or email us letting us know which content creator referred them to the site!

Unique Link:

  1. Unique links are great and should be used as much as possible for maximum affiliate referrals. Make sure that where you have your coupon code, you also use your unique link.
  2. Utilize the “Links” section of your YouTube channel and embed the link there. People do click those!
  3. Come up with fun and different ways to get the link out there. Doing an awesome giveaway with us on social medias? Instead of just linking to our site, use that unique link! You may receive credit for a sale days after it was used.
  4. If you have a static Inked Gaming image placed somewhere on your website, blog, or channel – make sure it is set up with a unique link from your Refersion account.
  5. And last, make sure that the communities supporting you know how the affiliate program works. We have had affiliates in the past pitching their brand to their fans, their fans using Google to find us, and the original affiliate never receiving credit for the sale.
    1. Remind them to use the coupon code!
    2. Remind them to use the link below to support you!
    3. Remind them to let us know that you sent them!

Using and experimenting with all the above tactics will give you the best route to start making $$$$ with the Inked Gaming Affiliate Program.

Not a part of the affiliate program? Get started here

Until Next time,

Mitch Gross

Affiliate Program Manager

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