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Warhammer’s new streaming service

When Games Workshop first made the announcement that a Warhammer streaming app was on the horizon, I immediately put it down in my future blog ideas report. The official announcement first came out back in late May via a Twitch stream, two months after Games Workshop gave us a little teaser about it in March 2021. The name of the app/streaming service will be called: Warhammer Plus (or Warhammer+). 

Just the idea of Warhammer getting its own streaming service is exciting, but for it to be confirmed by the developer is beyond exciting. I’m actually ecstatic, as I’m sure you and many others are too. In this post, I’ll go over some of the details that have been revealed about the app so far and after that, you can leave me your thoughts on it in the comments section. 

Here’s what we know about Warhammer Plus:

For starters, Games Workshop has told us that Warhammer+ will be targeted towards audiences who are fans of both Warhammer 40k and Age of Sigmar. The service/app itself will feature a variety of animated series and shows, all of which are meant to satisfy fans of both universes. The shows in the series will be presented in 2D and 3D animation formats as well. 

As of right now, 11 shows have been officially revealed. Those shows are titled as follows:

  • Blacktalon
  • Iron Within
  • Altar of Wrath
  • High Lords
  • Broken Lance
  • Hammer and Bolter
  • Astartes II
  • Interrogator
  • The Exodite
  • Pariah Nexus
  • Angels of Death

  • So, how, where, and when can you watch these shows on Warhammer Plus? Well, right now, I can only answer a couple of those questions. According to the info provided by Games Workshop, Warhammer+ will be made available to audiences in July and can be streamed on Apples, Androids, and smart TVs via the app. 

    I want to get your thoughts on Warhammer+ and what you’re expecting from it. So, go ahead and leave those more me in the comments below. Also, while you’re on the site, feel free to head over to our Warhammer collection and see if there’s anything new that catches your eye.

    Until we meet again,

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