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We’re all gamers here at Inked.  If we know one thing about our gaming experiences, we’re always looking for functional, stylish, and innovative ways to enhance our time spent doing our favorite things.  Our playmat scientists (pictured below) have been hard at work in the Inked Gaming laboratory- innovating, experimenting, and coming up with some interesting and cool ideas!  We’re excited to roll out these new features for you, so let’s go over them!


First off, Playmats are now offered with corresponding playzones to your favorite TCG games for a small fee of 3 USD at checkout.

                -Offering zones inspired by:  Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Final Fantasy TCG, Dragon Ball Super, Dice Masters, and Pokemon TCG.

                -If your game isn’t offered as a playzone, you can always choose “editing” at checkout and our lovely designs team will be able to work with you via email to get your mat looking exactly how you envision it!


Second, our stitched edging on our mouse pads has been a huge hit, so as of now we’re rolling out stitched edging on Standard Playmats (24x14”), Oversized Playmats (28x14”), and 2 Player Playmats (28x24”)!  This feature will cost an additional 5 USD at checkout.

                -Stitched edging on your pad not only increases the “coolness” factor of your gaming product, it also has been shown in some gaming communities to provide additional anti-fray protection for your product.  We are very excited to release this after many years of experimentation!


Lastly, we are now offering colored playmat backing!   The first option we are rolling out is an Inked Gaming inspired orange color that will most definitely make your playmat the most unique option at any of your gaming spaces!  This will be an additional 3 USD at checkout.

                -In the future, mixing and matching your playmat design with your color backing will be an option that I’m sure many of us are excited to see. 


Check out our upgraded custom playmat here:

We think that these features are an extremely exciting addition to what we have to offer at our ever expanding line of products!  Tell us what you think of these in the comments or on social media at:

@inkedplaymats – Twitter

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