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Top Trending Products So Far In 2019

2019 Top Trending Products (So Far)

Welcome back, my friends! Every now and then I like to check to see which of our products are currently performing better than the rest and then share that information with all of you lovely people. One of the reasons I like to do this (other than because it's kind of literally my job) is because I personally always find it useful to know what other people are interested in when I do my shopping. So, I like to give you all the option to access that information when you come to our site as well. 

For this reason, I have done my research and made a list of the top three selling Custom and Store Art products for 2019 so far. Check them out!

Custom Products: It’s not really a surprise, but our standard custom playmat has been out top seller so far this year. What is a little more surprising is that it was followed by Custom Extended XL Mousepad and Custom XL Gaming Mousepad in second and third place respectively. As many of you might know, we got our start in the tabletop industry and are more well-known for our playmat products, but we have been expanding out into the PC world. So it’s cool to see our gaming mousepads performing well this year.

  1. Custom Playmat
  2. Custom Extended XL Mousepad
  3. Custom XL Gaming Mousepad

Store Art Products: What has been an incredibly interesting trend this year is the upsurge of stained glass interest. Our top three performing store art products so far this year have all been stained glass playmats. Personally, I am definitely here for this trend. If you haven’t checked out these artworks yet, you totally should because they are epic (and we have several more awesome ones on the site if these three don’t strike your fancy). But it has been a surprise to see these works outpace some of our past top performing products (like Taco Bolas, Blueprint, and Toad Rider) and I will be very interested in seeing how the trend plays out.

  1. Stained Glass Titans Playmat
  2. Stained Glass Gravetide Playmat
  3. Stained Glass Praetors Playmat

Okay, that’s all I have for you today. These 6 products have been the top performing on the site so far this year. If you’re interested in checking out some of our other products, you can click this link to browse a larger selection of what we’ve got on the site. Otherwise, I hope you all have a great rest of your week and I look forward to chatting at you next time!

Stay awesome!

Sarah Berge

Marketing Manager at Inked Gaming

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