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Top Deck: An ETS Champion Interview

Welcome to another Eternal Tournament Series champion interview! This week, MantidMan had the pleasure of interviewing one of the top players in the game, Camat0. Settle in and enjoy as Mantid picks the brain of this great Eternal Card Game player and the deck that they created, Combrei Chains!

MantidMan: Camat0, first of all, congrats on the win, not this this is anything NEW to you! Let's get down to brass tacks right off the bat. You have been jamming Combrei chains a lot. You are completely unwilling to give up on the deck, which I love. Why is this one your go-to right now? What is so attractive about it?

camat0: The truth is just my pet deck and I will probably play it even if it was bad, just because I made it, but I do think is very good and it was really well positioned this week because it goes over the top of any midrange deck and even over the top of reanimator.

MantidMan: We really enjoy seeing you make it back up in the championship slot. I would love to know if you think the Ban of Obliterate helped you at all with your deck choice? More-over were there any decks you were considering playing outside of Chains that you decided not to, whether you took the ban into consideration or not.

camat0: Not really, I was going to play Combrei no matter what, and obliterate did not change anything really. Some aggro decks can be a little hard but not all of them, the deck is not as weak to aggression as people think.

MantidMan: What about Match-ups? What decks is Chains really good into? What decks worried you the most?

camat0: Great vs any midrange deck except vs fjs (is close vs it and maybe a better for them but they need to know the matchup)

-Great vs reanimator.

-Soft to some aggro decks.

-Good vs maul.

-Great vs grenadin.

-Soft to hard control like temporal control.

MantidMan: Knowing all of that, A bunch of players will be trying to use Chains to try and climb up to masters thanks to your performance. If someone was to grab it directly, would you recommend any new changes? And can you maybe give us a small deck tech here to follow on how to play it up to snuff?

camat0: At this point the deck is close to solved. There is are like 2 or 3 cards you can change, but I was happy with the list. Right now, I wouldn't change anything. Just don’t put harsh rule in the main that is a big mistake. I still don’t get how people make that mistake.

The deck is very easy to play decently. You just look your hand and if you don’t have one of this 3 cards you redraw: initiate of sands, trail maker, power stone - even if you need to mulligan to 6. You never keep a hand without those cards if you don’t know your opponent's deck. Once you know the deck and if you know all the matchups and the deck very well you can make some variations of that. But I will not advise anyone new to the deck to do it because is wrong 99% of the time. In the end, its a linear deck so it's pretty easy to play. You only think a lot about the plays if you know very well the matchup and the opponent deck, sadly most people will not be able to make decisions based on that so for most people you just play solitaire.

Also, never attack with dorks vs justice decks early. You don't care about getting in early damage but you do care about defiance. So you want to play around that.(Editor’s Note: For a full walkthrough check out camat0’s writeup, HERE)

MantidMan: Absolutely, thanks for the insight on the deck, in the short form if nothing else. Do you think Chains is well placed to climb in ranked? And did you see other decks in the ETS that would be good, or that you may want to try out and put the camat0 spin on it?

camat0: Is for sure good in ladder I’m top 11 right now with it and a lot of people had played it and had success with it, I really like my ECQ list of FJS that komodo played to a top 4 finish in this tournament (shameless self-promotion jajaja), I’m not a fan of any of the other decks in the top 8 but that is just because I did not made them jajaja.

MantidMan: Eternal Titans, if anyone ever thought you would not be making a quick return to the top they were mistaken! The last question is always "what do you want to say?" more so, I just want to let you shout out or promote your brand or anything you want to have people check out! Let 'er rip!

camat0: Well thanks to my team (best team in Eternal not close) and all my supporters, you can always see my stream, I like to trash talk everyone especially myself there jajaja, and you can follow me on twitter too!


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