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Top 22 Esports Blogs To Read

         Esports Source

esports source

Esports source has well-rounded coverage of all the major esports, including coverage of Hearthstone and fighting games, which are often not reported on by other esports sites. If you’re looking to get into some new esports, their How to Watch section has great videos on how to get started and covers Call of Duty, CS:GO, League of Legends, Overwatch, and SMITE.

       Esports Heaven

esports heaven

Esports Heaven focuses on CS:GO, League of Legends, Overwatch and Dota 2. Esports Heaven is frequently updated, often many times per day and publishes a lot of interviews with pro esports players and coaches. If you’re looking into some firsthand insight into the world of esports, then Esports Heaven’s large collection of video interviews would be a great place to start.

                   Esports Marketing Blog

esports marketing blog

Esports Marketing blog is one of the more unique sites on our list. Focused on the business and marketing side of esports, this is a great place to read about how more and more companies are getting involved in the esports market through sponsorships and other methods. Their Figures and Facts section also features a lot of interesting studies showcasing the numbers behind the esports business.

    Esports Junkie

esports junkie

One of the best-named websites on our list, Esports Junkie focuses on CS:GO, League of Legends, Overwatch, and Rocket League. This site has a couple of good sections that many other sites on our list do not have, a Roster Change section and a Rumors section. Stay up to date with the ever so frequent roster changes on esports teams, as well as hear about all the gossip and speculation about things going on in the esports world in the Rumors section.

     Talk Esport

talk esport

Talk Esport has well-rounded coverage all the major esports today. This site regularly reports on the competitive scene in each game, as well as general esports news such as their recent article on how esports is now recognized as a sport in Kazakhstan. Talk Esport also boasts one of the most well-designed sites on our list so be sure to check them out.

      Ginx Esports TV


A different style of a blog than all the other sites on our list, Ginx Esports TV is an esports TV network. Featuring blog posts in addition to the TV network, Ginx boasts a large amount of content. The TV network is streaming online 24 hours a day and each show has top quality production value. If you’d like to see some of the best esports TV programming available anywhere, a free trial on their website is available.


world gaming

Brought to you by the company responsible for the World Electronic Sports Games, World Gaming is a great place to get all your esports news. The World Electronic Sports Games is one of the most prestigious esports events in the world, and World Gaming brings that same level of production value to their blog. World Gaming has coverage of a wide range of esports outside the most popular games, as well as general esports news. The forum is also a great place to engage and discuss esports with other gamers and fans.



ESC is a website that features a different type of coverage than many other blogs on our list. ESC is more focused on the examination of statistics and trends in the esports market such as viewership, tournament statistics, and other factors. Their monthly report provides stats on each of the most watched tournaments for that month, and their video series “Breaking Stats” gives unique insights into many of the stories and trends happening in esports today.



Pinnacle is one of the largest online betting sites on the web, and their esports section has several articles focused on esports betting, as well as general esports news. Their analysis of strategy and ongoing changes to the major esports are always a great read and have lots of useful information. If you’re into esports betting, this site will be sure to give you an edge with their tournament betting previews and betting strategy.

    DBL Tap

dbl tap

DBL Tap is another great esports news site, focusing mainly on CS:GO and Overwatch. What makes DBL tap interesting is that in addition to a staff of professional writers, any gaming fan can write and submit their own article to the site. This combination of content from professional writers and everyday gamers makes for a unique blend of insights into the esports industry.



An esports news site for the people who like to shoot things, Dexerto covers CoD, Fortnite, CS:GO, Overwatch, and PUBG. Another site with multiple updates per day, Dexerto will you keep checking back often for their next article. There is also an entertainment section that covers news and happenings for popular Twitch and YouTube streamers.

A game that many esports sites do not cover, Dexerto’s Call of Duty section is one of the best and most frequently updated on the web. Articles analyzing the competitive scene as well as general news about the state of the game are added multiple times per day. For Call of Duty fans, Dexerto is one of the best esports sites out there.

What also sets Dexerto apart from the other sites on this list is their entertainment section. This section publishes articles about popular YouTube and Twitch streamers such as Shroud and Ninja. If you’d like to keep up to date with all the top streamer personalities today, Dexerto should be your first stop.



While Metabomb covers several of the most popular esports, it has coverage of many esports and games that are hard to find on the web. Metabomb frequently posts articles about Hearthstone, Destiny 2, Realm Royale, Pokemon Quest, and even a section dedicated to Artifact, the Dota 2 inspired card game to be released later this year.

Metabomb features not just news but also several articles and guides for strategy on each game it covers. From guides on weapons and maps for PUBG and Fortnite, to information on the best offensive and defensive hero in Overwatch, Metabomb is a gold mine of strategic information. Metabomb also has one of the most extensive deck building guides for Hearthstone. If you’re a Hearthstone player and want to stay on top of the Meta, then you’ll surely want to bookmark Metabomb. 



Perhaps one of the best-known gaming sites on the net, Kotaku also has a good amount of info on esports. Some of Kotaku’s best writing is in their articles on the external factors that affect esports, such as the recent U.S. Supreme Court ruling which gives states the ability to legalize esports betting.

While Kotaku doesn’t focus on actual esports leagues (with the exception of the OWL) they do offer a lot of information surrounding the world of esports itself. If you are looking for insight into the daily lives of the pro gamers or what’s going on behind the scenes, Kotaku is a great source.

        Blitz Esports


Blitz eSports focus on the pro circuits as well as strategy and tips for League of Legends, CS:GO, and Overwatch. Blitz has a high-quality YouTube channel for these esports with lots of content. Here is an example of one of Blitz’s CS:GO videos breaking down a clutch play by S1mple at the StarSeries 4 tournament back in March.

Additionally, Blitz eSports also features regular interviews with pro players and their coaches. The topics of Blitz’s interviews have a wide range, from what it’s like to be a pro gamer traveling the world, to pro’s opinions on game strategy and recent patches and updates.

Blitz also has an in-game League of Legends program that allows you to import builds, check the statistics of your teammates and enemies, as well as read over tips for all the different champions. The Blitz app allows you to do all this without alt-tabbing out of the League of Legends client.

If you are interested in an in-depth look into what it’s like to be a pro gamer, as well as learning the strategies and tactics it will take to maybe one day reach their level, then definitely check out Blitz eSports.

 VP Esports


While VP eSports covers all the most popular games, their Fortnite coverage is some of the best on the web. On their Fortnite section, VP publishes a weekly “Cheat sheet” to give players all the info they need for their Battle Pass challenges. VP is also one of the most active esports blogs online, featuring multiple updates per day for each individual esport the site covers.

VP eSports also has a weekly newsletter and live tickers for each of the different esports leagues, so you can keep an eye on all your favorite games as you browse news and interviews.

Their analysis is also some of the best on the web, the recent article on the 7.18 patch for Dota 2 gives in-depth insight into the most important item changes and the most affected 20 heroes of the patch.



Dotabuff is, as the name suggests, is a site dedicated exclusively to Dota 2. This site offers some of the best and most in-depth information and news about the Dota 2 pro circuit. What sets Dotabuff apart from any other site that covers this complex MOBA, is their extremely in-depth and high-quality analysis of the ever-shifting Dota 2 metagame.

Here are just two examples of Dotabuff’s articles detailing the return of two heroes to the spotlight, Windranger and Treant Protector. In Dota the most seemingly minuscule changes can have a massive impact, and Dotabuff breaks down how you can use those small changes to give you a massive advantage in your next game.

In addition, to live trackers, tools, and statistics on heroes and players, the site offers users the option to upload their steam profile and allow Dotabuff to examine every statistic imaginable for their finished games. For players looking to improve in Dota 2 and climb the MMR ladder, Dotabuff is an absolute must.

  Gosu Gamers


Gosu Gamers is another Dota 2 focused blog. Where Dotabuff has the best metagame analysis on the web, Gosu Gamers has the best news and analysis of the Dota 2 pro circuit. The regularly updated power rankings for Dota 2, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm and CS:GO are some of the most up to date and accurate rankings online.

In addition to game content, the site also has some unique features. Gosu Gamers has its own play money betting feature called Gosubets. It allows users to bet virtual “branches” on games directly on the site. A trading section allows users to trade their Dota 2 skins with others, post want ads for certain skins and search for whatever shiny hats they desire. Gosugamers also offers a large VOD database for most of the games they cover. If you’re looking for the most in-depth Dota 2 pro circuit coverage or trying to find that elusive VOD, Gosu Gamers has you covered.

   ESPN Esports

espn esports

ESPN’s eSports section is particularly noteworthy, as ESPN was one of the first TV stations to openly feature esports alongside regular sports. ESPN eSports covers Overwatch, CS:GO, and Dota 2 as well as reporting on general esports news.

Their most extensive coverage is of the League of Legends pro circuit. As would be expected from ESPN, their esports section has a large database of statistics, as well as power rankings. What also makes ESPN’s LoL coverage stand out is their high production value video recaps and stories about current news and happenings in the LoL pro scene.

ESPN eSports is also one of the most frequently updated sites on this list. With multiple updates per day, lengthy articles, and in-depth statistics for each game it covers, ESPN eSports has more content than any one person could ever consume.

   Esports Observer

esports observer

The Esports Observer is one of the more unique sites on our list, as it is focused primarily on the business side of esports instead of the competitive scene or game strategy. Perhaps the most frequently updated sites, The Esports Observer covers every aspect of the business side of esports you could imagine.

The news section is broken down into different topics: Marketing/Companies, Investments, Sponsorships/Partnerships, Leagues/Tournaments, Legal/Rights, and Culture. Not limited to merely reporting on esports business news, their opinion section and quarterly Esports Industry Report are top quality.

By far the most unique segment of The Esports Observer is their Audience Insights and TEO Professional services. Audience Insights examines over 35,000 Twitch channels and provides in-depth statistics analyzing performance and many other factors while TEO Professional examines social media and business trends in esports.

If you’re interested in how the business of esports is evolving and how other markets and business are becoming a part of the growing phenomenon, then look no further than The Esports Observer.

     Esports Insider


Focused on both the business side of eSports as well as professional esports leagues, ESI has some of the most wide-ranging coverage on the web. With several updates per week on the major esports, ESI also covers the competitive scene in games such as NBA 2K, FIFA, and even mobile games such as Critical Ops.

What sets ESI apart from any other website on our list is their coverage and analysis of all things related to esports betting. An entire section of their website reports on esports betting news and offers interesting opinion articles of the rapidly expanding esports gambling market. With the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision paving the way for legal esports betting on U.S. soil, the esports betting market will only continue to grow.

Another big selling point of this site is the high-quality interview and opinion pieces ESI regularly publishes. Interviews with pro players, team owners, developers, CEOs, all give different types of insight into the massive esports market. The ESI opinion section also provides interesting and unique insight into the esports market. While most blogs on this list analyze game strategy and professional leagues, ESI’s opinion section focuses more on the business side and ongoing political changes that affect esports today and in the future.

  The Score


theScore is a blog focused primarily on YouTube videos. With over 300,000 subscribers, their channel is quite popular and not without reason. While theScore manly focuses on the biggest esports, their site does have some coverage and analysis of games such as Hearthstone, Street Fighter, Super Smash Bros, and Call of Duty. They mostly create “Best of” and “Top 10” type videos.

theScore also creates video guides for some esports games such as Dota 2, Overwatch, CS:GO and League of Legends. Their website also features live tickers for league events and is updated with new content very frequently.

This site does more than just YouTube videos and news, however. They publish a one-hour podcast that often features interviews with pro players and important figures in the industry. All 71 episodes of The Score’s podcast can be found on their Soundcloud page. The Score also has one of the best esports phone apps on the market. The app provides breaking news and in-depth statistics and scores for 10 of the biggest esports. With a wide range of content from their popular YouTube channel, general news, podcast, and esports app, theScore is definitely worth checking out.

 Dot Esports

dot esports

One of the best sites on our list, over 1,800,000 people per month get their esports news and analysis here. With several updates per day and coverage of all the major esports as well as less mainstream games such as Rocket League and Street Fighter, Dot Esports has a plethora of content.

Dot Esports covers everything going on in the pro circuits for each game, as well as analysis of recent patches and changes so you can be informed on the most recent developments to stay ahead of the curve. Dot Esports viewer guides for all the major tournaments give you all the information you need before tuning into Twitch to watch your favorite teams battle it out, as well as tournament recaps in case you were unable to watch.

While most esports news sites only cover a few of the most popular games, Dot Esports has the best and most frequently updated coverage of the Hearthstone and Call of Duty competitive scenes with near-daily updates. Fighting Games, Gears of War, Rocket League, and even competitive Halo are also covered. Rounding out the site with sections dedicated to the business side of esports and a culture section, Dot Esports truly does it all.

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