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Throne of Eldraine Cards we're Excited about!


Who doesn’t love food? Om nom nom


The biggest question is: Are you going with the pie token, the delectable fruits, or the pastries? You more of a balanced diet type of person? 



Flavor fail on these lands not being legendary? Nah, the peasants can always build more castles.

“Why are all of our castles in the Kingdom named the same thing?!”

“Um, I don’t know your highness. You just kept giving us the same blueprints.”



Going on an adventure is always fun. Just ask Sam and Frodo. On a completely opposite tangent, I’m just hoping I can play giant tribal:

Or chill with my Zombie Knight Nazgûl buds:


Speaking of Lord of the Rings, Gimli makes an appearance:

Looking forward to my burn spells hitting for 5. Yes please!


Garruk joined the Twitter group, #mtgsquatsquad, it looks like. Good for you buddy. Keep up the great work:


We can also bake things into pies using our Easy-Bake Witch’s Oven:

Personally, I can’t wait to bake a Feather into a pie. “I’ve lost to that dirty bird for the last time!”


Hunting for your food more your thing? Let’s go hunting with this amazing art from Dan Dos Santos:


We’re going to be climbing beanstocks, getting turned into pumpkins, robbing from the rich, eating the guilded goose, listening to fairy tales from once upon a time, getting trapped in towers, killing giants, and yes, eating more food. Be sure to bring a snack to FNM. All this talk of food is going to make your tummy grumble.

Until next time, be sure to pay the troll toll:


What cards are you excited about? 

We'll be able to try out all of the cards on both Magic Arena and Magic Online on September 26th - with the paper prerelease running at your friendly local game stores all weekend, and then a full release on Oct. 4th!

See you in the queues and at the tables!


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All card images courtesy of Wizards of the Coast. 

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