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This Week’s Inkcredible Flash Sale

Happy New Year! This is our first Inkcredible Flash Sale of 2022, and we’re super excited to continue our weekly discounts on premium gear that gamers on every level can take advantage of. This week, we’re doubling down, so to speak, on a special buy two get one FREE deal that includes our Random Pack of Sleeves (aka Mystery Sleeves).

Until 4 pm PST today, if you buy two Random Packs of Sleeves, you will get one for FREE. We nickname our Random Pack of Sleeves as Mystery Sleeves because they are chosen at random by us and remain unknown to you until they arrive at your door. Here’s what they look like on our site, if you haven’t seen them already:

Random Pack of Sleeves

As you can see, there is no brand, style, or art shown, which is part of the mystery. They can be Dragon Shield Classics, Ultra Pro Matte, officially licensed art, red, orange, pink, and so on. With so many different sleeves in our collection, the possibilities are endless. 

There’s also a risk-reward aspect to these Random Sleeves, as it’s possible that you can end up paying less for a sleeve set that may be valued higher than our listing price. And the fact that you’ll be getting a set for FREE (after you purchase two), makes this offer even sweeter.

Again, this is a today-only deal, so be sure to make your purchase(s) before 4 pm PST.

See you next week!

Team Inked

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