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This Week’s Inkcredible Flash Sale

With its collection and popularity continuing to grow, we thought it was about time to let our AI in on the Inkcredible Flash Sale fun! So, just for today, we’re offering another sweet discount on one of our newest designs, which was created by our artist system. We’ve actually taken to calling it ‘Artist-ficial’ intelligence!

It’s not quite Halloween yet, but we’ve been playing around with skulls/skeletons and dark colors lately, and wanted to see what kind of designs our AI could come up with using that creative direction. Shortly after dialing in our request, cranked out some pretty awesome-looking pieces that we couldn’t wait to have printed on our gear!

The AI Skeleton Portrait playmat is one of those designs, and we’re giving you the chance to grab it for 25% OFF today! All you have to do is add it to your cart and use the code: INKCREDIBLE at checkout for the discount to automatically apply to your order!

Here’s a peek at the playmat…in case you haven't seen it yet!


AI Skeleton Portrait playmat actually used a group shot of the Inked Gaming design team as its inspiration for this portrait. JUST KIDDING. That would be pretty cool, though. Being the subject of an AI portrait sounds enticing, but we’ll just let it use its own “imagination” for now!

Again, this offer will only last for today, so if you think this AI Skeleton Portrait mat would make a nice addition to your collection, or you just want to gear up for Halloween early, be sure to add it to your cart before midnight. Remember, INKCREDIBLE is the magic word when you’re ready to check out!

See you next week!


Team Inked


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