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This Week’s Inkcredible Flash Sale

It’s summertime, but that doesn’t mean school’s out, especially in the Pokémon world. There’s always more to learn and know when it comes to being a top Trainer. Trainers of all ages who wish to learn, sharpen, and test their new skills should consider enrolling themselves in Pokémon’s Battle Academy. 

Featuring everything from decks to tutorial guides, rule books, damage counters, and more, the Pokémon TCG: Battle Academy 2022 gives you (and a fellow Trainer) all the materials you need to become one of the very best. It even includes with a code for playing Pokémon TCG online.

For this week’s Inkcredible Flash Sale, we’re offering a special discount that should help pay for the tuition needed to enroll in this 2022 Battle Academy!

Pokémon TCG: Battle Academy 2022
Pokémon TCG: Battle Academy 2022

By offering 50% OFF this Pokémon TCG: Battle Academy, we’re giving our fellow Trainers the opportunity to double their Pokémon education (and have double the fun) for half the price. Just like our previous flash sales, this discount will only last for today and can be obtained by entering the code: INKCREDIBLE at checkout. So, be sure to take advantage of this smoking deal before it expires at midnight!

Good luck, Trainers!


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