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This Week’s Inkcredible Flash Sale

Our weekly Inkcredible Flash Sale just keeps on rollin’. Today, we’re offering a smoking good discount on some sweet dice that can make a great gift for yourself or another passionate gamer who may be in need of a fresh set. It’s Ultra Pro’s Eclipse 11 Dice Set!

Ultra Pro Eclipse Dice

We’re knocking 40% OFF this Eclipse 11 Dice Set, which contains D4, 4x D6, D8, 2x D10, D12, and 2x D20. These dice have a nice, shimmering finish and come neatly packed in a handy 2-piece acrylic box that can be used for storing/securing up to 40 dice and other small goods at the same time. You’ll also find that these particular dice come in a variety of different colors (12 in total). So, whether it’s pink, orange, green, or black, you’re bound to find the color that best fits your personality. You might want to play it safe if you’re shopping for someone else and don’t know what their favorite color is.

Again, our Inkcredible Flash Sales only occur once per week and last just a few hours. This week’s special offer is no different, as it will only be available until 4 pm PST. After that, these dice will return to their original price and we’ll be off to the next Inkcredible Flash Sale offer, which will be revealed next week. 

So, if these dice have been on your wishlist (or someone else’s) for quite some time, today is the day to snag a set. Heck, with a great price like this, you might even consider grabbing one for yourself and for that other special someone, that way you can cross another gift off both lists. Just a thought!

See you next week!

Team Inked

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