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This Week’s Inkcredible Flash Sale

It’s another week, and that means it’s time for another Inkcredible Flash Sale, which will feature more premium pieces from our collection. This week, we’re switching gears a bit and offering a sweet two-for-one deal that all of our customers should enjoy, especially if they like mysteries.

Today, and today only, we’re offering two Random Pack of Sleeves (aka Mystery Sleeves) for the price of one. Remember, our Random Pack of Sleeves can be of any brand, style, or art, which makes them a mystery to you until they are delivered to your door. We randomly select a sleeve set from our collection and ship it to you straight away. There’s a sort of risk-reward aspect to this purchase because you may receive a sleeve set that’s more valuable than the regular price, making it a win for you.

Mystery Sleeves

Thanks to the Inkcredible Flash Sale that we have running today, your chance of scoring a sleeve set that’s worth double is even higher. If you like surprises and need a new sleeve set, or know someone else who does, this is a great opportunity to snag two for the price of one. Not bad, huh? 

Again, this smoking deal will only be available for today, so if you want to take advantage of it, be sure to add them to your cart and hit the order button as soon as you can.

See you next week!

Team Inked

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