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This Week’s Inkcredible Flash Sale

Some of you may remember that not too long ago we had an Inkcredible Flash Sale that featured the pink variant of Ultra Pro’s Satin Cube Deck Box. Well, this week we’ve decided to circle back around to that particular deck box, only this time we’re offering a nice discount on ALL the color variants available for it. 

That'a right, for the rest of the day, all color variants for the Satin Cube Deck Box will cost just $6.00, giving you a nice $2.00 saving on this premium-grade deck case that Ultra Pro has taken great pride in constructing.

Ultra Pro’s Satin Cube Deck Box - Orange
Ultra Pro’s Satin Cube Deck Box - Yellow
Ultra Pro’s Satin Cube Deck Box - Green

What makes the Satin Cube Deck box such a popular piece among card gamers/collectors is its 

high-quality materials, protective features, and sturdy, spacious structure that can hold 100+ standard-size cards. The satin finish gives it the signature look and feel that gamers love as well. For all that this deck box offers, we think that $6.00 is a smoking deal, especially if you’ve been looking to save anyway and anywhere you can.

See you next week!


Team Inked


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