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This Week’s Inkcredible Flash Sale

It’s time for another Inkcredible Flash Sale, and this week, we’re waving our wands over a premium piece of protective gear that every gamer can use in their collection. After doing a quick swish & flick, the price of our Dragon Shield Matte Harry Potter Art Sleeves was reduced by a significant amount. It was like magic!

Today only, Dragon Shield’s Matte Harry Potter Art Sleeves will be available for 50% OFF. That means you can grab these sleeves for a nice, low price of just $7.99. Given the superior quality and awesome artwork that you’re receiving, we don’t think even a muggle would argue with that price. 

Remember, there are three art variants available for these sleeves, each of which features official artwork of our favorite students from Gryffindor. Harry, Hermione, and Ron can give you that ‘magical’ edge that you need during games. See them for yourself…


Dragon Shield Matte Harry Potter Art Sleeves
Hermione Granger Dragon Shield Sleeves
Ron Weasley Dragon Shield Sleeves

Again, these sleeves present you with licensed artwork that comes straight from the movie series, as well as a signature quality that Dragon Shield is best known for. The sleeves themselves are made of sturdy, PVC-free polypropylene and have the art printed directly on them. This kind of material and print style gives the sleeves a nice look and feel that you’ll notice as soon as you take them out of the box.

Speaking of the box, be sure to hang on to it, especially if you don’t have a more suitable deck box yet. The cardboard box that the sleeves come in can fit 75+ single-sleeved cards or 65+ double-sleeved cards. Plus, each box includes a label at the top, which can be personalized however you see fit.

This offer will only last until 4 pm PST today, so make sure you don’t delay adding one to your cart. We would say to use the Accio summoning charm, but would rather that you order your sleeves the old-fashioned way.

See you next week!


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