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The Mashup of Card Game YouTubers we've all been waiting for!

Team aps and TCC

We start today with taking you waaaaaaay back to when we were "Inked Playmats." Team APS, a Yu-Gi-Oh! Youtube channel, started selling their products on our site and a friendship was born. 

Over the years, many of us at Inked fell in love with Paul and Team APS’s channel. Their fun skits, product reviews, card game knowledge, and incredible sense of humor was something that we enjoyed tuning into time and time again. 

When we learned that they would be doing a collaboration with Tolarian Community College, Magic’s largest Youtuber and an old friend of Inked Gaming, we knew that this would be a great podcast! 

We weren’t disappointed! Join us in getting to know The Professor and Paul from Team APS as they discuss the similarities and differences of two games that we dearly love.

Check out Team APS’s channel here!

Check out Tolarian Community College’s channel here!

Drop them both a subscription and dive into two of the best card game YouTubers out there. 

Whether you’re hitting that turn one Exodia or that turn one Channel+Fireball, good luck and always have fun.

Mitch Gross

Inked Gaming

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