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The Inked Gaming Affiliate Program Explained

Inked Gaming Affiliate Program
My name is Mitch and I am the Affiliate Program Manager here at Inked Gaming. We have questions that come up all the time about our program and we wanted to provide a blog with a simple yet informative rundown on our program.

There are two branches to this program:

  1. The first branch is your Standard Inked Gaming Affiliate.  The Standard Affiliate receives 4% of all sales generated by the unique affiliate coupon code as well as links from their page.  
  2. The second branch of this program is called, Sponsored Inked Gaming Affiliate Program.  This tier is reserved for partnered Twitch streamers, large YouTubers, and other brands and personalities that represent us at the highest level.  Most affiliates will start out at the 4% rate, the 10% rate will only be given to brand ambassadors of Inked. You can apply at any time, up to one time per month to become a Sponsored Inked Gaming Affiliate. 

Here is an application to our program:

If you are eligible for the Sponsored Affiliate Tier, we will on-board you into that program after your application has been submitted.

You receive two tools to use to receive commissions for referring customers to our site:

  1. Unique link: Your unique link will put a cookie into the customer’s browser and stay in their history for up to 30 days. If a purchase is made by the customer, you will receive commissions on that sale.
  2. Coupon code: You are also given a unique 10% off coupon code – you receive commissions anytime this code is used.
  1. You can change the landing page of that unique link. Have art on the site? Make the landing page direct your customers to your products!
  2. You can bitly your unique links within the program – making them clean and easy to work with.

 Our program was designed to not only help and support the large brands and content creators, but also the small and upcoming channels, podcasts, and other entities that support us and pitch our brand regularly. We want to support your hard work. We want to support your passions. We're gamers just like you and we know just how important you are to our company.

Come grow with us - Doing it your way with your style.

Mitch Gross

Inked Gaming Affiliate Program Manager


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