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The Gaming Crate is here!

Introducing our new Gaming Crate! We decided to bring an extra heavy-duty bag to our awesome gaming customers. The Gaming Crate can fit several board games easily inside and then zip closed. The added exterior drink pockets means you can bring your favorite beverages to wherever game night takes you. Check out our comparison chart below to see how our previous Gaming Tote compares to our new Gaming Crate and how these added features can help you enjoy your gaming experience.

Gaming Crate Gaming Tote
Made of Cordura Yes Yes
Exterior pockets 3 (2 drink pockets) 1
Top of bag zips closed Yes No
Shoulder strap Yes No (Not included)
Grip rubber bottom Yes  Yes
Interior side pockets 2 2
Interior elastic band Yes No
Interior carabiner Yes Yes
Water resistant Yes Yes





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