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The Best Desk Mat Designs For Your Favorite Horror PC Games

As you may have noticed, we have a multitude of mousepad designs on our site. Some are cute, some are cool, and some are downright creepy. In this post, we’ll be focusing on those creepy desk mat designs and deciding which ones go best with some of the scariest horror PC games out there.

Of course, there are a ton of scary horror games out there, too many for me to list, so I decided to pick only a few of the most popular titles that seem to really go well with some of the mousepad designs we carry. My feeling is that a scary game should be paired with a scary desk mat design, and after you’ve seen some of the games and designs on this list, I think you’ll agree.

So, let’s touch darkness together!

The Evil Within

This is actually a game that was developed by the same creator that brought us the Resident Evil series. The Evil Within game takes the survival/horror genre to a more tense and terrifying level, as it takes you down an evil rabbit hole that’s packed with creepy-looking humanoids, monsters traps, and other nightmarish figures. The game casts you as a damaged detective, Sebastian Castellanos, and begins with his investigation of a mass murder that has taken place in a mental hospital. Shortly after arriving at the crime scene, you (Sebastian) and your two partners (Joseph and Juli) are suddenly thrust into a horrific alternate reality that's been created by a mysterious hooded man with supernatural powers.

Using creatures and demons spawned from their innermost fears, the hooded man torments the three detectives as they fight their way through this twisted, maze-like world that’s reminiscent of The Matrix and Inception, except much scarier. I don’t want to spoil too much of the plot or the story, so I’ll just say that this game is SCARY, from beginning to end. With various traps and even chainsaw-wielding creatures lurking around every corner, the Evil Within captures the fears and intrigue of every player and doesn’t let go. I dare you to play it alone in the night.

Some of the mousepad designs that would go great with your battlestation while playing this game include:


    Dying Light

    If you like first-person survival games set in a post-apocalyptic open-world, you’ll love Dying Light. The story goes that a mysterious virus epidemic has taken hold of a small city, and is now infested with flesh-craving zombies. Using various skills, weapons, and kill tactics, you (and your group of fellow fighters) must infiltrate the city and take on the army of zombies that now occupy it. Now, there are more zombie games out there than we can count, and they all seem rather repetitive in their gameplay and mechanics.

    But, what makes Dying Light different from the rest is how it gives you the freedom to roam, explore, and kill at your own pace. Featuring a smooth free-running movement, the game allows you to run, jump, climb and dodge anywhere, with ease. There are no limits on where you can go in the world either. That means you’re free to use your fast parkour abilities/mechanics in the streets or on the rooftops of the city, which makes the world in Dying Light more like a free-flowing playground that knows no limits or restrictions. In my opinion, that’s what a zombie game should be.

    Of course, in order to get the most out of this game and it's free-running mechanics, you need a gaming desk mat that’s both big and smooth. It helps if the mat has a matching design as well. So, here are a few mousepad designs that would go nicely with Dying Light: 


  • Little Nightmares

    Set aboard an underwater vessel known as the Maw, Little Nightmare casts you as the brave, yellow raincoat-wearing little girl who goes by the name, Six. Playing as Six, you explore the Maw, which is basically an underwater resort for the rich and greedy. However, the Maw serves as a prison for children as well, which is at the bottom level of the ship. Here, children who have been taken away from their parents are kept until they grow and gain weight. Once they’ve gained a substantial amount of weight, the children are then placed in cages, where they wait to be cooked and served to the gluttonous guests of the ship.

    Equipped with only her lighter and raincoat, the 9-year-old Six works her way through the Maw and encounters a host of characters along the way, including the chefs, the janitor, the hungry guests, and the Maw’s leader...The Lady. It’s up to you to lead Six on her journey through the Maw and survive the cruel monsters who live on it. You’ll also come across more innocent creatures that can be used as collectibles as you work your way through the game. These creatures are nomes, and even though they are afraid of everyone at first, you’ll discover that all they need in order for them to trust you is a little hug.

    If you’re looking for a desk mat design that pairs perfectly with this game, check out this GIVE HUGS mousepad design from Rakkou Art. I think you’ll be impressed! And even though they’re not directly linked to the game itself, these mousepad designs would go nicely with Little Nightmares as well:


    Dead By Daylight

    I saved one of the best for last. It’s not often that you find a game that incorporates some of the scariest stories and characters in the horror genre, but that’s just what Dead By Daylight delivers to avid gamers and horror fans alike. This multiplayer survival/horror game casts one player as a savage killer and the other four players as the survivors. Of course, in these roles the rules are quite simple: the killer must kill all, while the survivors must try to escape the killer’s rampage without being captured and killed in the process. Sounds like something right out of a slasher movie, right? Well, wait until you hear about the characters in the game.

    One unique feature of Dead By Daylight is its use of popular, legendary characters and killers from actual horror movies. That’s right, if you’re a die-hard horror film fan, then you’ll probably recognize a few familiar faces and names, such as Michael Myers, Ghost Face (from scream) Freddy Krueger, Demogorgon (from Stranger Things), and many more! There’s also a chapter (coupled with characters) from Silent Hill in Dead By Daylight as well.

    Additionally, the game even features the characters based on the survivors of those films/stories, all of which are playable depending on your role in each game. It’s been rumored that more legendary killers and characters are coming to the Dead By Daylight line up. So, we’ll have to keep our eyes open for an update this Halloween.

    Here are some the best mousepad designs to pair with this game, especially if you’re a horror film fan:


  • Feel free to shop more of our awesome mousepads and leave me a message in the comments section if you’ve played any of these games. Also, let me know if you think these mousepad designs go well with the games listed. However, if you would like a mousepad design that’s more unique and geared towards a specific game, you can always create a custom desk mousepad of your own (just make sure it’s within our terms and conditions). 

    As always, be sure to check out our blog page every so often to see our latest posts. With Halloween quickly approaching, it’s fair to say that you can expect more scary horror listicles on the horizon. Hint, hint.

    Until we meet again,

    Vince the Prince

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