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Team Inked Sleeve Picks

We employ a lot of gamers here. There are many times in the warehouse when I can’t even keep track of all the fun gaming conversations that are going on around me (yes, the shipping department is booming their opinions across the warehouse about the modern jund 50/50 matchups as I type this. Sometimes I want to show up with Titanshift and teach em’ a lesson).

Our love of gaming hopefully shows through our marketing, branding, our Discord, and just overall feel of the company. Today, I asked some of our staff members what their favorite sleeves are! Without further ado, Team Inked sleeve picks!


Dragon Shield Ruby

Ryan - Dragon Shield Ruby

Dragon Shield: Sturdy, beautiful, and a classic. Ryan has spent years slinging his artifact based powerful commander decks in ruby sleeves! Make sure that you break a couple of Ryan’s Sol Rings and Signets before he gets out of hand!!! (Or, Ceremonious Reject his opening Sol Ring. He ALWAYS loves that)


Dragon Shield Art Sleeves - Rayalda

Chelsie - Dragon Shield Art Sleeves - Rayalda

Chelsie, one of our designers, is such a creative person and it shows with their love of gaming and specifically MTG (They have been having fun Karning people with Tron recently!). Chelsie notes that one of the best parts about the Dragon Shield branding is the fact that each type of sleeve comes with it’s own unique dragon that has its own story right on the box. Plus, the quality and shuffle experience is always phenomenal. Highly recommended!


Dragon Shield Matte Petrol

Jt - Dragon Shield Matte Petrol

JT, the Jace master of Inked Gaming. A Monoblue commander connoisseur, he usually combos on turn four or five if left uncontested. Make sure you have an answer for his turn two baby Jace or there will be a problem! A common theme seems to be that people like these Dragon Shield Matte sleeves...must be pretty decent! 


Standard Board Game Sleeves

Jim - Standard Board Game Sleeves

The Inked staff member with the most board game knowledge. Before Covid-19, you would find Jim at local cider houses or other gathering places sharing his knowledge and love of board games with the local public (he’s also an amazing DM for our Friday staff member DnD session!). Make sure you’re protecting your board games with these awesome sleeves!


Fun Art Sleeves (Absolute Iconic Triforce)

Hannah - Fun Art Sleeves (Absolute Iconic Triforce)

A reference to one of the greatest video game franchises ever, Absolute Iconic Triforce pairs nicely with an It’s Dangerous playmat. It’s dangerous to go alone! Take these with you to your next card game battle! Hannah, a Zelda connoisseur, had to choose these!

Dragon Shield Matte Crimson

Tristan - Dragon Shield Matte Crimson

Rumor has it that Tristan has more than...20 Commander decks! You have a question about Commander? Tristan is your dude. Following the pattern of most of the other Magic players in this thread, Dragon Shield Matte is one of the most respected sleeve blends in the industry. When you’re needing to sleeve up multiple Commander decks like Tristan, these sleeves are your pick. 


Stained Glass Gravetide

Kat - Stained Glass Gravetide

A Rachel Week’s special, the art on this sleeve goes all the way to the edge with no peeling! Easily one of the most beautiful pieces of art on our site! Make sure you check out the playmat as well so you can show up with your dredge deck and play in some graveyards while your friends try to do “fair” commander things!

Ultimate Guard Katana Purple

Mitch (me) - Ultimate Guard Katana Purple

I just like purple. 

Oh, and read my blog on my tournament experience with these sleeves here: 

But it’s mostly just the purple. 

What’s your favorite sleeve? Let us know in the comments! Anything we’re missing just let me know and we’ll try our best to get it circulating into our inventory!

Now go forth and Scapeshift your friends with your new, beautiful, purple Katana sleeves (or whatever you want, just as long as it's purple)! 


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