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Supply Drop Saturday

It’s Saturday, and that means it’s time for us to log this week’s activity in our Supply Drop mission dossier. Here you’ll find all the latest updates and info about our Supply Drops boxes, including the surprises that our luckiest subscribers found in theirs this month!

Who else found a Treasure Chest this month, Mateys?

Ahoy there! We’ve been sending out our upgraded Supply Drop Treasure Chests to a handful of lucky subscribers, including two that have been packed and already set sail! Just like all the others before it, these Treasure Chests are being sent to a couple of subscribers who were randomly selected from our list of orders. 

We snapped a pic of these Treasure Chests before they were sent out. Take a look at what was inside:

Treasure Chests

 Treasure Chests

Congrats to both of you! We hope you enjoy the precious pieces we packed in your treasure chest. No matter what your game, we think you’ll agree that the goods in these treasure chests are as good as gold. If you’re subscribed to our Supply Drops, we suggest that you stay in the crow’s nest and keep a sharp eye out, as there may be a treasure chest coming your way!

Have you received a Treasure Chest?

If you are or ever have been the lucky recipient of one of our Supply Drop Treasure Chests, we would love to hear what you think about it! All you have to do is post about it on social media, tag us, and email the link to the post to By doing so, you will also earn $25 OFF your NEXT supply drop order! Talk about a win-win.

Coming soon: David Lozeau goods in every box!!

We told you that we would be partnering up with more artists to help spruce and freshen up our Supply Drops, and we’re happy to announce that another amazing artist has come aboard. Known for his bone-tingling collection of stunning designs and Day of the Dead pieces, David Lozeau is a renowned artist who has quickly won the hearts of the Inked Gaming community. As his collection and popularity continue to grow, so does our need to get him more involved with other projects. That’s why we’re super excited to finally have him as a partner for our Supply Drop subscriptions!

David Lozeau

Soon, we will begin packing a variety of David Lozeau goodies in our Supply Drops and shipping them out to all of our subscribers. These items can range from playmats, stickers, tokens, and more. They will also feature four jaw-dropping designs from David’s collection. So, you’ll just have to wait and see which awesome piece you get from that selection!

We can’t tell exactly which designs we will be including or all of the items that we plan to print them on, but we can tell you that they will definitely earn a special place in your collection. With that said, keep your eyes peeled for more updates, and be sure to dig deeper in your Supply Drop box. Who knows, you may find your special David Lozeau item sooner than you think!

Halloween tricks and treats may be coming your way!

In an effort to make this Halloween even more thrilling, we are planning to add some chilling Halloween-themed goods to our Supply Drops next month as well. Halloween is all about suspense and surprises lurking around every corner, so we’re going to keep these items a mystery for now. Let’s just say that they’re sure to make your Halloween game nights even creepier.

We’re presently in talks with our friends over at Card Kingdom and Kraken Dice to help us bring in some scary good gear for our October Supply Drops, so you can imagine what kinds of supplies may be hiding in your next drop box. If you have some spooky game night gatherings lined up, you’re going to want these supplies by your side.

Our cauldron is filled with all sorts of surprises for this season of fright, and we’re stirring it together to make your Halloween gatherings a real scream. We’ll keep you in the loop and let you know when these supplies come through. When they do, we will begin adding them to our Supply Drops. In the meantime, keep your eyes open for more updates!

Just like our Supply Drops, we covered a lot of ground in this week’s Supply Drop Saturday update, and we look forward to doing so every other Saturday from here on.

Thank you for joining us!


Team Inked


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